How To Provide References for Facilities Management Jobs

Don’t Panic When Offers Are “Subject to References” Finding a new job in facilities management can be tough. Creating a great resume, filling out applications, and attending interviews (while trying not to let on at your current employer that you are actively searching for a new role) can be exhausting. You might be near the […]

Market Engineering Jobs by Marketing Your Company

4 Tactics to Be The Employer of Choice in a Tough Hiring Market According to a study by Workable, engineering jobs take the longest time to fill in the United States with an average of 62 days. I doubt we needed to tell you this. Unemployment is rising, competition for talent is high, and average […]

How to Optimize Your Resume for Mechanical Engineering Jobs

As a staffing firm specializing in recruiting for mechanical engineer jobs, we see a lot of resumes. It’s shocking how many extremely qualified and talented individuals present themselves with poor-quality resumes. Spending a little more time on crafting a great resume can help you land a lot more interviews, where you can then impress an […]

7 Things You Must Say in Maintenance Manager Job Interviews

Prepare Ahead of Your Maintenance Manager Interview Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what to say in interviews for maintenance manager jobs? Of course, every interview is different – so how could you possibly know what to say, right? Wrong. While every interview is different, all interviewers want to know that same thing: if […]

Building Maintenance Jobs: How to Explain Employment Gaps on Your CV

5 Tactics to Help CV Reviewers Focus on Your Qualities For many searching for building maintenance jobs, your CV may have an employment gap because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers are going to understand why you’ve got a long gap in the second quarter of 2020. But what about other gaps in your employment history? […]

Welding Jobs, OSHA Regulations and Workplace Safety

Because welding uses an open flame, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict safety and fire prevention guidelines surrounding welding processes in welding jobs.  Below we’ll highlight some of the main guidelines, restrictions, precautions, and supervision requirements you need to follow in order to maintain the safety of your employees and keep your […]

Get a Safety Program At Work

If you don’t think you need a safety program at work, you’re very much mistaken. More than 4,836 workers were killed on the job in 2015 — 13 every day — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fatal accidents and injuries can happen at any company, but they’re much more likely in the absence […]

Why You Need to Continually Test Your Processes to Stay Compliant

Your company runs on a set of operating processes and procedures that are put in place for very good reasons. From keeping your employees safe at work to producing high-quality products that align with your brand standards, these processes are imperative to the ongoing success of your business. Of course, the same processes won’t work […]

Why it’s Critical to Keep Your Hazard Labels Updated

Hazardous chemicals can do irreparable harm to your workers. As their employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure all measures are taken to keep them safe. Extra precautions need to put in place since your team is working with hazardous chemicals. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has carefully label guidelines for hazardous chemicals […]

What is the OSHA Challenge and How to Participate

The OSHA Challenge serves as a way for participating employers and workers to create or improve their safety and health management plan. The program fosters the collaboration of OSHA-approved third-party challenge administrators and participating employers who want to improve their safety and health management programs with training, mentoring and progress tracking. The challenge consists of […]