How To Provide References for Facilities Management Jobs

Don’t Panic When Offers Are “Subject to References”

Finding a new job in facilities management can be tough. Creating a great resume, filling out applications, and attending interviews (while trying not to let on at your current employer that you are actively searching for a new role) can be exhausting. You might be near the finish line when you’re offered your dream facilities management job, but the offer is subject to references. While creating a sense of foreboding, the phrase ‘subject to references’ is perfectly normal and nothing to fear.  Here’s how to ensure that your references guarantee your job offer is not withdrawn.

Organizing Your References

When you submitted your resume for the vacant facilities management job, you may have included ‘References available on request’. This is common practice, but now the ball is in your court. You are responsible for providing these references. So, here is rule number one: you should not add this to your resume without first having your references in place.

When giving your references, you simply need to provide your new employer with the contact details of your reference – you don’t need to make an introduction. According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 87% of employers conduct pre-employment checks on their job candidates. You should choose your referees wisely. Your current line manager or HR manager are good choices, though you must ensure that your employer knows you will be leaving your current role before passing on their details after you have received a job offer.

Do Previous Employers Have to Give You a Reference?

Most commonly, new hires give their previous employer as a reference. Each state has its own laws detailing what the employer can and must disclose in a written reference. If you are parting on good terms, your previous manager will often be more than happy to give you a reference to show their gratitude for your effort, enthusiasm, experience and expertise you provided while working with them.

Can Previous Employers Give You a Bad Reference?

It is a common misconception that an employer cannot give you a bad reference. An employer cannot say anything about you that is not true, but if you did not perform well at your previous planning role, your previous employer may give a reference that reflects this.

How Facilities Management Rookies Get Valuable References

If you have recently completed a degree and this is your first job after graduation, you may not have a previous employer to give as a reference. Instead, you might look at other routes for references, such as:
Internship or work experience. During your time at university, did you do an internship or take on work experience in a relevant or similar role. You can use the organization you worked for as a reference.
Your professor. When taking those first steps into the world of work, using your university professor is a safe bet for a reference.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Giving References for Facilities Management Jobs

You will often not get to see a copy of your reference before it is sent to your new employer. So, to ensure that your reference shines the best light possible on you, there are some steps you should take:

  • Prepare your referees by ensuring they are expecting a call or email from your new employer.
  • Ensure that your job title is agreed with your current employer.
  • Prepare your new employer for any bad bullets that may arise in the reference.

You can tackle these before a reference is provided, and preferably at the interview stage. Receiving a job offer subject to reference for a facilities management job should be a cause for celebration and not panic. References can make or break a job offer, but most of the time your current employer will provide a solid reference. However, you should always choose your referees wisely, and inform them that they are likely to receive a reference request as soon as it is practical to do so.

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