What Good Habits Should You Employ for 21st-century Jobs in Operations Management?

Invaluable Habits to Look for in Operations Management Candidates

Hiring a great operations manager is tough. The lack of skilled candidates is one of the biggest challenges in recruiting today. An operations manager has an impact on many areas of your business, especially the productivity and motivation of your employees.

Employing candidates who have habits your employees can learn from will help boost the efficiency of your team.

Habits for Jobs in Operations Management

Some of the top habits you should look for in candidates for your jobs in operations management include:

·      Punctuality

An operations manager needs to set an example for the team. A manager who strolls in whenever they want will set a bad example and lead to bad work habits among the rest of the team.

·      Knowledge of Roles in Your Business

A competent operations manager needs to understand the roles of all those they manage. Knowing how each member of the team does their job, and the key skills needed, will help an operations manager assign tasks and coach their staff.

Job and task knowledge can help operations managers identify where a team member is suffering, and assign roles that will take advantage of each member of the teams’ skills and strengths.

·      Professionalism

Operations managers must act professionally. Punctuality, good time and task management, acceptance of accountability, and positivity of approach to work will help to shape and inspire a team to peak performance.

By conducting themselves professionally, operations managers will set an example for their team to follow and enable the manager to be approached more easily by team members.

·      Self-Awareness and High Emotional Intelligence

People can be unpredictable. Operations managers must work in harmony with others and exhibit emotional control when dealing with difficult clients, vendors, or colleagues.

People management Skills

Great managers are great people managers, and they do so habitually. They check in with their staff, provide positive feedback, and seek to understand their employees. They monitor their teams and individual members, and they ensure that any problems are dealt with before they become insurmountable hurdles.

·      Embracing Automation and Technology

Automation is mission-critical for most operations today. A top operations manager is a continual learner and embraces automation and technology. They understand how automation increases efficiencies, team performance, and improves their own management capability.

·      Communicating Clearly

Communication is key to good management, yet many ops managers are poor communicators. An operations manager who utilizes multiple communications channels seamlessly will be more able to communicate effectively with all their team members, senior executives, customers, suppliers, and other internal and external contacts.

To Sum Up

During your hiring process for operations management jobs, look for candidates who embody these attributes and demonstrate them habitually. Management is a necessity in all teams, departments, and organizations – the best managers display best management practices continually as habitual actions.

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