7 Things You Must Say in Maintenance Manager Job Interviews

Prepare Ahead of Your Maintenance Manager Interview

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what to say in interviews for maintenance manager jobs? Of course, every interview is different – so how could you possibly know what to say, right? Wrong. While every interview is different, all interviewers want to know that same thing: if you are the person they should be hiring as their next maintenance manager. Here are seven things that you should always say at the interview – with tips on how to say them.

1. You’re Excited about This Opportunity

Your interviewer wants to meet an enthusiastic, motivated candidate. One who really wants the job and is keen to do a great job when they are in the role. Are you that person? Your excitement for the maintenance manager job will translate into a positive interview persona, demonstrating that you are optimistic as well as excited for your future with your new employer. When asked why you applied for the position, say something like, “I was excited when I learned of this vacancy because…”. Have a personal and really good reason ready.

2. You Have the Experience the Employer Requires

Perhaps more in management roles than others, your potential employer wants to know that you have the experience to make a difference. You will be asked about your management experience, and this is the time to make sure that you highlight your relevant successes – and show how they tie in with the role for which you are interviewing.
Start your answers with an opening like, “Recent experience has taught me that when managing a team, it’s important to… (include an example)”.

3. You Really Like the Company

It’s important that you show this isn’t going to be a gap-fill role for you. One of the ways to do this is to show that this is the company you want to work for. As part of your interview preparation, research the employer. Examine their website and social media, look for press reports and news articles. Commit to memory items that are relevant to the maintenance management role you are interviewing for. In the interview, bring this enthusiasm to work for this company to the fore by saying something like, “Not only is the role perfect for me, but your company is, too. It’s dynamic and forward-thinking, well organized and with great employee reviews on social media. I particularly like the way that your latest (XYZ) project was handled…”.

4. You Are a Team Player

Teamwork is crucial, and the interviewer will ask questions about how you get on with other members of your team. You may be asked to show how you manage your team when things go wrong or there are personal conflicts, too.
It’s important to explain how you work with others and how you contribute to your team’s success. It may be, for example, that you can demonstrate your collaborative and management skills by relating to a story of when you helped a colleague overcome a challenge at work.
Here’s the type of opening you could give: “I think many people undervalue teamwork as a component of work. I’ve always found that being open and prepared to help colleagues is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.” Then relate to an example of you doing exactly this in your current role.

5. You Have the Technical Ability the Employer Needs

Of course, as a maintenance manager you will also need to demonstrate that you have the technical ability required. You’ll need to understand the machinery that you will be working on, and have similar experience to that required in the role. You’ll also be expected to show ingenuity in your role to keep processes flowing.
Your experience counts here, and so you should demonstrate this. Storytelling is a great way to answer this question. For example, “My current employer runs much of the same machinery. I remember a time when maintenance appeared to be overrunning. We couldn’t afford to disrupt workflow, so what I instigated was…”.

6. You Are a Self-Starting Learner

The world is constantly changing. Skills that were relevant 10 years ago are not so relevant today. Employers hire for talent, and the best employers hire people who want to keep pace with change. Show you are one of these by ensuring you describe how you do this. For example: “I’ve just completed a course on XYZ. I think this is going to be used increasingly in our industry, and so I’ve spent a few hours a week over weekends to gain that skill. I think it’s important to develop ahead of the industry.”

7. You Are Seeking a Long-Term Position

Staff turnover is a problem for all companies in the United States. The Work Institute’s 2019 Retention Report found that more than 1 in 4 employees left their jobs in 2019.

Every time an employee leaves a company, that company loses that employee’s experience. It must bear the cost of hiring a replacement. In 2018, it was estimated that staff turnover cost U.S. employers more than $600 billion. The employer you are interviewing with is keen that you’re not going to add to their staff turnover costs by leaving within a year or two after joining.

Demonstrate that you plan to be with your new employer for a long time by being positive and curious. For example: “At this stage of my career, I’m really looking forward to settling down in a company that helps me to develop my career. Tell me, where do you see me in, say, five years from now, and what career development strategies could help me get there?”

Prepare Well for Maintenance Manager Job Interviews

Your performance at the interview stage depends upon how well you prepare. You can be assured that the interviewer will explore all seven of the above themes. By demonstrating your ability and capability, your knowledge and expertise, and your enthusiasm and motivation, you are more likely to be offered the maintenance job you really want.

If you are considering a job change or wish to accelerate your career in maintenance management, contact MAC Incorporated today and benefit from the help we give candidates in their job search.