What Is the Future for Electrical Engineering Jobs?

How to Enjoy An Electrifying Career What is the future in electrical engineering jobs? A hard question to answer – we don’t have a crystal ball. What we do have is a ream of data, research, and statistics, as well as long-term experience in the jobs market. Despite current high unemployment, a career in electrical […]

What Skills Make You a Standout Candidate in Predictive Maintenance?

We Predict a Rewarding Future with This Skillset Predictive maintenance is the future in manufacturing, and you want a piece of the action. But have you got the skills that employers are looking for to accelerate an organization’s processes? Skilled maintenance professionals are in high demand. The BLS has projected job growth at 6% through […]

Forget Preventive Maintenance, Hire for Predictive Maintenance in 2021

Prevention Is Better, But Prediction Is Best Should you be considering the use of predictive maintenance, rather than your current strategy of preventative maintenance? Copious research says predictive maintenance is not just a trend, but the most critical business decision in manufacturing in 2021: The Chemical Safety Board (CSB) evidenced poor preventive maintenance to be […]

What Is the Future for Manufacturing Jobs?

Do You Have the Skills That Employers Need to Keep Pace? As digitalization in industry accelerates, new skills are needed in manufacturing jobs. Understanding which skills are most in demand now, and which are likely to be sought after in the future will help you become the desired candidate for the most rewarding jobs in […]

Manufacturing Jobs: Trends to Watch in 2021

How to Spin a Negative 2020 into a Positive 2021 Manufacturing jobs and the industry itself were deeply impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. While manufacturing accounted for nearly 16% of the global GDP in 2018, the United States GDP suffered a 32% decrease between March and May 2020. Manufacturing was forced to respond, […]

Must-Have Skills for Today’s Building Maintenance Jobs

21st Century Skills to Make You the Standout Candidate Building maintenance jobs have changed dramatically through the 21st Century. Technology is developing and changing the way buildings are constructed and maintained. In 2019, The Global Smart Buildings Market was valued at $43.8 billion. In the 20th Century there was no such thing as a ‘smart […]

What Are Today’s Top Operational Challenges Impacting Building Maintenance Jobs?

The Biggest Challenges You Face in Building Maintenance Jobs Building maintenance jobs come with a lot of challenges. Working successfully in building maintenance requires a delicate balance of managing people, buildings, and the technology and processes of modern facilities. When applying for building maintenance jobs it’s important to be aware of the big challenges you […]

What Soft Skills Do Employers Want from Industrial Engineer Jobs?

Presenting Yourself as the Top Candidate for Industrial Engineering Jobs Excelling in industrial engineer jobs takes a lot of training. You have achieved at the minimum a bachelor’s degree and likely went on to get your master’s. While academic training is necessary to land your dream industrial engineer job, you may have let your soft […]

Lots of Candidates, But a Skills Shortage: How Do You Hire for Electrical Maintenance Jobs?

Finding the Right Candidate for Your Electrical Maintenance Jobs in a Sea of Applicants When you’re hiring for electrical maintenance jobs, you have probably experienced the impact of the skills shortage firsthand. According to a survey by Deloitte, the talent shortage is making it take three times as long to fill vacancies – and could […]

How Do You Stand Out from the Competition for Electrical Maintenance Jobs?

Be the Stand-Out Candidate in Your Electrical Maintenance Job Search Skilled workers applying for electrical maintenance jobs are in a good position to land the job they most want. Why? Because, according to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) research, 75% of manufacturing, construction and industrial organizations struggle to fill their skilled roles. In today’s […]