What Are Today’s Top Operational Challenges Impacting Building Maintenance Jobs?

The Biggest Challenges You Face in Building Maintenance Jobs

Building maintenance jobs come with a lot of challenges. Working successfully in building maintenance requires a delicate balance of managing people, buildings, and the technology and processes of modern facilities.

When applying for building maintenance jobs it’s important to be aware of the big challenges you will face. Understanding these not only ensures you are prepared for the role, but it will also help you during interviews. What are these challenges that you must prepare to be quizzed about by your interviewer?

Safety Management

The health, safety, and wellbeing of employees, vendors, and contractors have always been the top priority in modern building maintenance. However, during 2020 the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has increased this emphasis even further.

You must now show your awareness of health and safety regulations to protect against spreading of infection. You should also demonstrate that you stay updated with the changing rules.

As building maintenance staff, you will have to adapt and work with businesses. New processes such as remote work, remote learning, take-out only, higher cleaning standards, and stricter safety protocols may be implemented – and you will have to adapt your work around these new regulations.

Contingency Management

A large part of building maintenance jobs requires looking to the future. No one expects you to be psychic, but you should be forward-looking and have contingency planning in place for unforeseen events such as equipment failures. Emergencies are only emergencies if they are not planned for.

Cost Planning

One of the most challenging aspects of building maintenance work is that of budget constraints. In management roles, you’ll need to show that you understand how to balance operational costs and prioritize spending, working out costs for parts, services, employee time, technology needs, etc.

Even if not on a maintenance management role, you are likely to be asked to present estimated costs to managers. One way to ensure that you deliver value is to assess the long-term productive value of purchases.

Team Co-ordination

At all levels, from management down, collaboration and coordination are crucial during maintenance work. Communication is key, and a skill that must be mastered. Good communications skills will help you integrate all those involved in the maintenance process, and coordinate all work, such as delivery of supplies and employment of contractors.

Keeping Accurate Records

When working in a building maintenance job, one of the biggest challenges you will face is keeping accurate records.

Larger facilities will require you to work with multiple systems. If accurate records are not kept for each system, this will lead to time-consuming and costly mistakes. For example, if a facility’s HVAC system does not have a record attached to let you know when the next service is due, this could lead to a breakdown.

Working with Vendors

Outsourcing has long been a part of working in building maintenance. Venders will play a big part in helping maintain the building or buildings you work in. Selecting the right vendor can be tough.

You need to find vendors that work well with you and other employees, are good communicators, and can meet your work standards.

Extending the Life of Resources

Resources in the building you maintain will be expensive. Equipment like an HVAC unit are big-ticket items that will put a dent in a business’s accounts. When working in building maintenance jobs, a big challenge you face is trying to extend the life of equipment.

Regular services and preventative maintenance are key to succeeding at your job, so ensure that you include these needs in your prepared answers for your interview.

To Sum Up

Building maintenance jobs are challenging. You will have to face problems with equipment, vendors, and colleagues almost daily. Understanding the problems that you are likely to face will help you plan for them. You can demonstrate this knowledge and skill in your interview, impress the interviewer, and build a foundation for a successful job search.

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