What Skills Make You a Standout Candidate in Predictive Maintenance?

We Predict a Rewarding Future with This Skillset

Predictive maintenance is the future in manufacturing, and you want a piece of the action. But have you got the skills that employers are looking for to accelerate an organization’s processes?

Skilled maintenance professionals are in high demand. The BLS has projected job growth at 6% through 2018 to 2028 – now is a good time to look for a new maintenance job. But now predictive maintenance is taking a strong stance in manufacturing.

A study by Deloitte reports that poor maintenance strategies can reduce a plant’s overall productive capacity by up to 20% – a reduced productivity businesses cannot afford in today’s competitive and fast-paced world.

Here, you’ll learn what hiring managers are looking for in candidates to successfully implement business efforts in predictive maintenance.

What Is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is a technique that uses data analysis tools and processes to detect issues in the manufacturing operation, and raises alerts concerning defects in processes or equipment.

This allows for such concerns to be fixed before they escalate into failures. Predictive maintenance:

  • Prevents unplanned reactive maintenance
  • Reduces costs from too much preventative maintenance

A combination of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and integrated systems work together to capture information, interpret that information, and use it to identify areas that require attention. As well as the above benefits, predictive maintenance also minimizes the costs spent on spare parts and supplies.

The Standout Skills

The following skills will not only ensure that you stand out amongst your competitors for predictive maintenance jobs, but also help you succeed and enjoy your role:

·      Adaptability

You must have an adaptable nature that comfortably accommodates the inevitable continuous changes in manufacturing processes and predictive maintenance.

If you fear change and get flustered with new procedures, employers will give you a wide berth.

  • Detail-Oriented

You must naturally be detail-oriented and conscientious, following exact set protocols. Precision maintenance will require you to complete certain processes in the exact same way as your colleague technicians.

The risk of individual preferences and abilities in an organization’s workforce will lead to inconsistent repairs and unpredictable outcomes.

·      Inquisitive

Your willingness to learn is essential in optimizing advanced manufacturing technology. To stand out, you’ll not only work toward basic skills, but strive to aim for optimal performance and improve your understanding and skillset.

You should demonstrate that you’re a critical thinker, and comfortable asking for help and support to enhance your ability and improve outcomes.

·      Organizational Skills

Employers will be looking for candidates who have exceptional organization skills. Predictive maintenance means that your workplace will no longer stock spare parts and supplies for the possible eventuality of a failure.

Instead, you’ll monitor the data, and order only when required, thus reducing costs.

Inventory management therefore requires high levels of organization, with employees who avoid costly hoarding, and trust technology to achieve maximum effectiveness of predictive maintenance.

·      Data Processing

You may not have experience in machine learning, which is quite acceptable. However, the ability to analyze the data you’re given will make you a promising candidate to employers.

If you can assess data from a big-picture perspective, and recognize any changes or system degradation, you may be able to determine why that system may be working abnormally. Such a skill will make you an exceptional candidate to employers.

Optimize Your Resume

It’s time to get these skills on paper and grab the attention of hiring managers. Make sure you:

  • Clearly indicate these skills in a list-format skills column
  • Include skills requested in the job description to ensure automated systems get you through the screening process

Get Ready for Interview

Your resume’s job is to get you an interview. In preparation to interview well, make sure you:

  • Think of a previous situation that exhibits each skill
  • Have questions ready that further enhance your skill qualities, such as asking about training, company processes, or continued professional development

Get Support in Finding Predictive Maintenance Jobs with a Staffing Agency

Predictive maintenance is a big player amongst the trends to watch for 2021. It allows businesses to take a preventative approach that reduces damaging costs and predicts costly issues. The year 2020 certainly taught us that preparation is key. But to succeed in predictive maintenance, manufacturers need the right people on board.

Get in touch with Mac Incorporated. We’re a specialist staffing agency who understands the crucial role you play in our clients’ future, and strive to ensure you’re matched up perfectly, providing full support to showcase your abilities from point of resume, to the interview.

So get in touch today and let your standout skills earn you the best maintenance jobs.