What Skills Make You Stand Out for Maintenance Engineer Jobs?

The Skills You Need to Land a Maintenance Engineering Job

Are you searching for a new maintenance engineering job, yet had no luck landing interviews or securing a new position? With the average lead to hiring time for engineering roles taking around 58 days, hiring managers are taking their time to find the right candidates for their vacant roles. When they do, they pull the hiring trigger.

Your bad luck in landing a new maintenance job may not be bad luck at all. You could simply be struggling to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for a maintenance engineering role.

In this article, we discuss the skills that employers are seeking from candidates. This should help you to evaluate the skills you have, identify desirable skills to learn, and determine which skills to highlight on your resume and during your interview.

The Top Skills Employers Are Looking for in Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance engineering jobs cover a wide variety of roles. Often people in these jobs take on a broad range of responsibilities. As such, it’s important to keep learning new, relevant skills that organizations desire.

You may think that your experience is your best qualification. However, no matter how much experience you have, continuing to develop your skills will help you stand out. Here are some desirable skills you should think about obtaining to help you land your next maintenance engineering job.

·      Versatility

A key skill of a good maintenance engineer is versatility. In a single day, you may be asked to work in a variety of disciplines. Showing potential employers that you have a versatile range of training and the ability to take on the duties needed at speed will increase your appeal as a candidate. Examples of new disciplines you can learn and add to your list of skills include:

  • HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Water treatment
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Welding
  • Blueprint reading
  • Wiring

Physical Ability

Maintenance jobs are physically demanding. Engineers might perform their responsibilities on high rooftops, crawling into small spaces, and climbing ladders. Lifting heavy objects or moving appliances are regular tasks in the day of a maintenance engineer. Conditions can also be difficult, as work may be done outside in scorching heat or bitter cold.

The physical requirement of the role means that hiring managers are looking for physically fit candidates for their roles. Employers are looking for reliable employees at the top of their physical game. Keeping yourself strong and healthy will show potential employers that you have stamina and endurance for the demanding tasks that the role presents.

·      Preventative Maintenance

In an employer’s eyes, the best maintenance engineer candidates not only resolve issues when they arise, but prevent them from occurring in the first place.

To stand out to potential employers, show them that you are an equipment specialist. Demonstrate that you understand which components in appliances and machinery are most likely to fail and that you’re able to determine the best time to purchase replacements, add lubrication, conduct inspections, and carry out routine maintenance.

·      Attention to Detail

As a maintenance engineer, you spend a lot of time getting up close and personal with some complicated systems. No matter the discipline you are working in, from electrical to plumbing, you need to demonstrate that you understand the workings of the smallest parts of these systems. A keen eye helps you notice small issues that may be causing big problems, and demonstrates to employers that you will be able to identify issues other candidates might miss.

If you are not detail-oriented, you may overlook problems when you inspect or repair machinery. If missed, such problems can worsen over time, causing bigger issues, making your job more stressful, and costing your employer more time and money.

To Sum Up

Hiring managers are looking for well-rounded candidates for their maintenance engineering jobs. In such a diverse role, you need a wide range of skills. Brushing up and improving current skills with training or learning new desirable skills can help you stand out, even against more experienced candidates.

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