Must-Have Skills for Today’s Building Maintenance Jobs

21st Century Skills to Make You the Standout Candidate

Building maintenance jobs have changed dramatically through the 21st Century. Technology is developing and changing the way buildings are constructed and maintained. In 2019, The Global Smart Buildings Market was valued at $43.8 billion. In the 20th Century there was no such thing as a ‘smart building’.

These changes in technology and the way buildings are constructed has led to a demand for new skills for those working in building maintenance jobs. In this article, we cover the top skills that a building maintenance worker needs in the 21st Century.

IT Savvy

Advances in technology and its use in the building and construction industry has forced those in building maintenance jobs to adapt and embrace IT.

What was once a field you could get by with having little to no IT knowledge, now requires you to have at least basic IT skills.

Indeed, building management has become more IT-reliant than ever. Everything from asset management to maintenance costs is managed on a computer today. The more easily you embrace technology, the more valuable you will be in the field.

IT also has had a huge impact on how you interact with colleagues, vendors, and tenants. Increasingly, smartphones and tablets have become a part of the toolkit for anyone working in building maintenance.


Public opinion around environmental issues has changed a lot over the past two decades. Businesses are now much more concerned with creating sustainable building to keep a good public image.

Building maintenance jobs now often require you to have some training in sustainable building management. Sustainable building maintenance often focuses on regular inspections and preventative maintenance to improve energy efficiency, or using sustainable and non-toxic cleaning products for the health of employees and improved air quality.

All-Knowing (Construction, Electrics, Plumbing)

Working in building maintenance in the 21st century requires you to have knowledge of multiple disciplines. Job descriptions often look for candidates who have experience in various fields such as electrics, plumbing, construction, blueprint reading, and more.

Continuing to train as you advance through your career is vital to success. You need to constantly adapt to what employers are looking for and develop new skills. Building maintenance covers a wide umbrella of responsibilities, and the more you can take on, the more attractive you will be to employers.

Physical Ability

Building maintenance jobs are physically demanding. As well as being on your feet most of the day, you may be required to carry heavy loads or crawl into tight spaces.

According to the BLS, an estimated 112,500 new building maintenance workers will be needed through 2026 to replace those who retire or change occupations. As older workers retire, new job openings will appear. Being in good physical condition and with good health will help to demonstrate your capacity to be a reliable asset to an employer’s team.

Working Under Pressure

Like many other occupations, jobs in building maintenance are often fast-paced. Employers expect work to be done quickly and to a high standard. Being able to work well under pressure is an essential skill for a modern-day building maintenance worker.

Time is money for businesses. When a problem arises, the ability to identify and fix the issue quickly will help you stand out as a great candidate.

Attention to Detail

Being detail-oriented will help you a lot in a building maintenance job. Keeping accurate records of maintenance is essential. Not only does this help keep things organized and keep track of budgets, but it also makes it easy to identify problems when they arise and develop preventative maintenance routines.

To Sum Up

Like so many industries and jobs, building maintenance has changed dramatically since the turn of the century. Many of the big changes have been prompted by technology, and the use of new technologies in building and construction.

Your versatility to adapt to changing working environments and regulations and your ability to manage multi-disciplined maintenance projects in pressurized environments while maintaining your attention to detail will make you a valuable addition to any team.

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