How to Get the Recognition You Deserve

When you go into the office each day, you roll up your sleeves and get to work. As a result, you’ve accomplished some amazing things for the company lately. These wins make you feel proud, but you’re puzzled by the lack of recognition from your boss and the rest of the team.

You don’t do great work to be praised, but not getting the acknowledgment you deserve makes you feel undervalued. Use these tips to stop flying under the radar.

5 Ways to Get the Credit You Deserve at Work

Commend Your Colleagues

If you don’t congratulate your co-workers on a job well done, you can’t expect them to shower you with praise. The next time one of your peers really impresses you, don’t hesitate to let them know it. Most people enjoy returning compliments, so the next time you exceed expectations, they’ll happily acknowledge your efforts.

Speak Up

It’s possible you’re not getting credit because one of your colleagues is selfishly taking it from you. If this is the case, stop letting them get away with it. Speak up and claim what’s rightfully yours, because someone else shouldn’t get the glory for your contributions.

Keep Your Boss in the Loop

Your manager is a busy person with a workload of their own and other employees to manage, so put your accomplishments on their radar. Schedule regular meetings to discuss projects you’re working on or at least send email status updates. Keeping them informed ensures they know exactly how hard you’re working.

Research Criteria for Formal Recognition

If your company has a formal recognition system, look into the guidelines to see what’s needed to qualify. It’s possible you’ve been missing a few key steps that are keeping you out of the running. Make any necessary adjustments as soon as possible, so your efforts can finally be acknowledged.

Accept Praise Gracefully

Take a look at the way you’ve accepted praise in the past. Do you take compliments in a humble manner or let them go to your head? If you’re guilty of the latter, this could be the reason your colleagues aren’t too quick to recognize your work. From now on, make a conscious effort to accept kind words gracefully, and people will likely be more inclined to honor you.

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