Assistance in Finding a Local OSHA Office to Assist You

Your employer is responsible for providing you with a safe place to do your job. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) was created to keep workers like you from being killed or seriously injured on-the-job. OSHA requires companies to proactively enforce workplace safety standards and facilitates. The Agency facilitates this by providing information, training and help to both employees and companies.

If you feel like your employer isn’t adhering to proper OSHA standards, you can file a request for a worksite inspection. However, OSHA also has many regional offices throughout the country, making it convenient to meet with a representative in person.

Find Your Local OSHA Office

Want to visit your local OSHA office for an in-person meeting? Consult this map of regional and area offices to find the one closest to you.

Scheduling a meeting with an OSHA representative can be a good idea if a number of your colleagues have banded together to bring a complaint against your employer. While you can also contact OSHA by phone or email, a face-to-face meeting can be the best solution when many people are involved, as it allows everyone the chance to voice their concerns. Of course, they don’t have to involve multiple people, as you can also request a one-on-one meeting with an OSHA representative.

Who is Covered by OSHA?

Need to make sure you’re protected by OSHA? Learn more about coverage in the following areas:

  • Private Sector: Most employees working for private sector companies are safeguarded by OSHA protections.
  • State and Local Government: Federal OSHA does not cover employees working for state and local governments, but you do have OSH act protections if your state has an OSHA-approved program.
  • Federal Government: Federal agencies are required to have a health and safety program in place that adheres to the same standards as private employers.
  • No Coverage Provided: Your job does not qualify for OSHA protections if you’re self-employed, an immediate family member of a farm employer that doesn’t employ outside help or if your workplace hazards are under the jurisdiction of another Federal agency.

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