7 Skills Your Maintenance Technician Jobs Resume Must Demonstrate

Sharpen Up Your Resume to Land Your Ideal Maintenance Job

If you are applying for maintenance technician jobs, you must make sure that you make your resume shine. This will give you the best chance of securing an interview – which is when you really get to prove you’re the best person for the job. The average amount of time a hiring manager spends on reviewing a resume has been estimated at between six seconds and two minutes. Yes, you read that right.

Your resume for maintenance technician jobs may have as little as six seconds to make its initial impression. Your resume must be strong enough to encourage the reviewer to continue reading and then ask you for interview. In this article, we examine the key skills that your resume must highlight when you apply for a new maintenance technician job.

1. You have Technical Abilities Employers Want

If you don’t demonstrate the technical ability you need to do the job, there is no way you’ll be invited to interview. You should read through the maintenance engineer job description carefully.  Make a list of the technical skills that the employer asks for and match them against those that you have on your current resume. Where there are gaps, consider how you can provide evidence that you have the skills needed. Take care to bullet point the skills that you have that the employer has asked for. This will make it easy for the reviewer to scan and assess. You’ve gained more seconds of the reviewer’s valuable time.

2. You Pay Attention to Detail

Employers want maintenance technicians that will do the job without mistake. They want you to be detail oriented. There are two ways you can show this:
First, make sure that your resume is free from spelling and grammatical errors. If it is riddled with easily avoided mistakes, how can the employer trust you with a million-dollar machine?
Second, briefly detail a time when your attention to detail improved production or reduced downtime. If possible, include numerical evidence.

3. You Manage Your Time Effectively

As they say, time is money. Whether you are in a supervisory capacity or not, you should show that you can prioritize tasks and manage your own time well. Consider outlining how you manage your time, including routine maintenance rotas. If you manage others, describe how you manage their work roster and allocate work to the most suitable technician.

4. You Are a Problem Solver

In your job as a maintenance technician you will be expected to reduce downtime and potential future maintenance issues by diagnosing problems, recommending and employing suitable, cost-effective solutions.

5. You Are Flexible Under Pressure

When machinery breaks down, the pressure will be on you to fix the fault as soon as possible. While it is not working, productivity falls. You’ll need to work quickly to excel. You may also need to work at unsociable hours, either during normal maintenance work or to remediate emergency situations.

6. You Can Explain Technical Details

You may need to present solutions to people who are not technically adept. Therefore, you should be able to communicate effectively, explaining the issue, potential solutions, and the issues if those solutions are not put into action in terms that are easily understood.

7. You Are Physically Capable

Life as a maintenance technician often leads you into tight spaces, working at height or coping with heavy equipment. You may need to work in extreme heat or cold. Showing that you have experience of this, and that the physical aspect of maintenance work has not led to extended periods of absence is crucial.

If you are a maintenance technician and feel it’s time for a new challenge, contact MAC Incorporated today. We have many clients searching for talented maintenance technicians like you.