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Maintenance Mechanic Silver Springs, New York
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Typically to be considered “qualified” they would need industrial mechanic experience, ability to weld (beyond just stick) and basic electrical trouble shooting.  Any training certs around this would be great and since our own apprenticeship program is 5-years, we would be looking for at least 5-years’ experience.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Maintenance Mechanic – 2nd Shift


2.    This position will be a “line-of-progression” to the 1st shift Canline Maintenance Mechanic position.

3.    Performs various jobs calling for specialized skills such as but not limited to: building, installing and repairing round can packaging equipment (such as forming presses, cappers, fillers, tubewinders, labelers, belt conveyors, related feed equipment, etc.) and troubleshooting breakdowns or stoppages of any machine or equipment.  Replaces, repairs, or modifies worn-out or broken parts; and assists other servicepersons or maintenance crafts persons when necessary, as directed by the Supervisor, however, normally works alone.

4.    Installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems, including, but not limited to, 110V, 220V, 440V, and low voltage control systems, including hot circuits on canline equipment and other related equipment, operates any plant electrical equipment necessary in repair or installation work. Is able to wire panel boards, install brushes, repair commutators, install new coils in relays, etc. Also performs similar work on relays, timers, electric eyes, vibrators and controls, electronic controls, (programmable controllers, process controllers, etc.) and other control equipment.

5.    Is expected to perform general piping and tubing installation and repairs as necessary up to 2” diameter.  Is expected to be familiar with pneumatic components, troubleshoot, repair and replace as necessary.

6.    Works from tool assembly or installation drawings and often makes special tools from piece parts, drawings, or detailed blueprints.  

7.    Sets up and operates any and all machine tools including engine lathes, drill presses, cut-off saw, milling, bending, threading and bolt machines, grinders, shears, etc. and all types of mechanic’s hand tools and precision measuring instruments including micrometer, calipers, gauges, etc.

8.    Lays out, cuts and installs sheet metal guards, hoods, spouts, etc. as required.

9.    Also performs general electric and gas welding including preparing, preheating, brazing, normalizing, etc. parts to be welded.  Work may be varied and may be in a flat, vertical, or overhead position. 

10.    Instructs workers of less skill and is responsible for occasional work of close accuracy demanding tolerances to .0005”.  Is also responsible for work of sufficient accuracy to meet insurance underwriters’ standards of safety for electrical work.

11.    Is expected to use materials such as wood, brass, copper, aluminum, steel, etc. and all types of machine parts – new or used – ordered to replace worn-out or broken parts.

12.    Assists the department Supervisor with general documentation of work activities as required, including ordering and inventorying parts necessary to repair all Canline equipment and machinery.

13.    Works closely with the 1st Shift Canline Mechanic to communicate issues and coordinate work.

14.    Is responsible for maintaining tools and equipment in good operating condition and for keeping work area clean, neat and orderly.

15.    Performs jobs in a safe and efficient manner and is aware of other’s safety.  Will adhere strictly to safety guidelines and policies at all times.

16.    Must be able to operate all packaging machinery in the department and related equipment. 

17.    Will perform other jobs of a related nature in support of the Maintenance Dept. as assigned by the Supervisor.

18.    Normally works in the Canline but may occasionally be required to work in other departments as needs require.

19.    Must be able to work in a group environment.

20.    Requires employee to stoop, twist, bend, reach, climb stairs, and lift up to a maximum of 65 lbs.

21.    Requires updating of skills and knowledge regularly and will include outside training, including but not limited to, attending electrical and mechanical programs when required.

22.    Observes QC guidelines and GMP.  Follows plant policies.  Is familiar with the plant’s Food Safety Plan (FSP). Programs and how it applies to his/her job.  Is trained and reviews/understands the plant’s critical control points of scalping catches, magnet catches, and metal detection on systems where applicable.  Understands the recording of the Food Safety Plan (FSP) observations on production records/logs and how they pertain to the quality, legality and safety of products.

23.    Is alert to Environmental Policies and Good Practices.  Participates in environmental policies, programs, and practices and maintains records as required.

24.    Must complete forklift training, pass required testing, and become certified for driving a forklift and perform required inspections.            


1.    New openings may be filled through a five-year apprenticeship program, combining on-the-job training with outside correspondence school courses and training by vendors or seminars.

2.    Under the immediate supervision of the Canline Department Supervisor and guidance from   Maintenance Supervisors

3.    Installs, services, dismantles, rebuilds and maintains in operating condition various machines and electrical control systems in the Canline.


1.    Varied temperature environment with exposure to salt dust.
2.    Personal protective equipment required.

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