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Maintenance Mechanic Union City, California
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n2 maintenance techs for now,  1 on 2nd shift and 1 on 3rd shift We are looking for some mechanical knowledge & A PLUS IF THEY HAVE electrical  and PCL knowledge. Other details below!

n2)    Pay: start at $30/hr, willing to pay more for PLC & electrical tech skills
n3)    Shift diff: extra $.20 (2nd shift) & $.35 (3rd shift)
n4)    Vacation time:
na.    1 year – 1 week
nb.    2 years – 2 week
nc.    5 years – 3 weeks
nd.    15 years – 4 weeks
ne.    25 years – 5 weeks
n5)    Sick time:
na.    1 week every year
n6)    Benefits – Eligible on the first of the month following 60 days. 
n7)    Paid Holidays (11 holidays)
na.    New Year’s Day
nb.    President’s Day 
nc.    Good Friday 
nd.    Memorial Day 
ne.    Independence Day 
nf.    Labor Day 
ng.    Thanksgiving Day 
nh.    Day After Thanksgiving 
ni.    Christmas Eve 
nj.    Christmas Day 
nk.    New Year’s Eve Day
nJOB DESCRIPTION:  Maintenance Technician
nPosition Overview:
nThe key responsibilities of the Maintenance Technician is to perform daily equipment and building maintenance to ensure proper functioning and operation while adhering to company standards, processes and systems. Correct mechanical and electrical problems; perform preventative maintenance, as well as implementing upgrades and improvements for all company equipment and fixtures. The right candidate should have good knowledge of plumbing, welding, power transmission, industrial electronics, hydraulics/pneumatic and interpretation of blue prints. Ensure the highest level of commitment & requirement for compliance to Safe Quality Food (SQF). 
nEssential Job Functions:
n•    Perform preventative maintenance on more advanced/sophisticated production equipment.
n•    Perform repairs on more advanced production equipment as needed.
n•    Perform breakdown analysis.
n•    Oversee or perform general housekeeping.
n•    Upgrade production lines with new/upgraded equipment/technology.
n•    Change line for package changeovers.
n•    Enforce GMP, safety, and audit standards.
n•    Work independently under limited supervision (self-management)
n•    Documentation of work schedule and work tasks completed.
n•    Experience with basic electrical systems (e.g., starter, fuses, contact, relays)
n•    Experience with electrical systems (installation, frequency drive, troubleshooting)
n•    Experience with product manuals (e.g., reading and applying knowledge to make repairs). 
n•    Experience with schematics (e.g., electoral blueprint with switches, starters, maps, relays). 
n•    Experience with troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns (pinpointing and fixing breakdowns)
n•    Experience with troubleshooting (e.g., diagnostics, problem solving, etc.). 
n•    Experience with reading mechanical drawings (e.g., hydraulics, pneumatics)
n•    Experience with mechanical systems (e.g., gear boxes, chains, sprockets, motors, seals, bearings). 
n•    Experience with conveyors and airveyors (air cylinders, diverters, sensor, motor/speed controls). 
n•    Experience with electronics (e.g., level probes, flow meters, drives/VFDs, etc.)
n•    Experience with hydraulic systems (high pressure cylinders, pumps, valves, troubleshooting). 
n•    Experience with packaging/high speed production (e.g., bottling, consumer products, etc.)
n•    Experience with PLC (e.g., industrial maintenance, computer control systems, etc.)
n•    Experience with pneumatics (solenoids, cylinders, motor brakes, reading, troubleshooting)
n•    Experience with preventive maintenance (computerized preventative charts/data). 
n•    Experience with pumps (e.g., troubleshooting, replacing seals/motors, understanding specs). 
n•    Experience with SERVO (e.g., intelligent/robotic motors, in-coders, etc.)
n•    Experience working in team-based environments (working together with others)
n•    Multihead weigh units (Ishida, Yamato)
n•    VFFS packaging machines (Triangle, Pacmac, Bosley)
nTypical Working Conditions: (Describe environment including exposure to heat, cold, fumes, chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.)
nEnvironment and exposure can be in all locations of the plant and surrounding outside areas with potential contact to variety weather, materials and chemicals used in manufacturing and maintenance of the facility both moderate and extreme requiring proper use of PPE.  Maintenance shop and manufacturing environment with exposure to conditions such as dust, fumes, odors, sparks and noise.  Working conditions are subject to variations in temperature and humidity.  
nEquipment Used: (List all manual and automated equipment used in the course of performing essential functions.)
nPotential use of  tools both power and hand that would be used in maintaining equipment and facilities including but not limited to basic hand tools, electric, pneumatic, machine, welding, lifting and rolling stock essential to performing maintenance tasks.
nEssential Physical Tasks: (List all physical tasks encountered in performing essential functions.)
nAll physical functions performed as those expected of a plant and production maintenance technician, including lifting, climbing, squatting, use of tools and physical demands as listed below.  Lift and carry equipment and bulky objects.  Grasp/hold objects and tools with broad range of overhead, climb with load, and hearing capacity sufficient to understand conversations.  Must be able to perform duties on/in/under/through machinery.
nWill need electrical tech and PCL knowledge”

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