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Cost Analyst Fulton, New York
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Pay Range: $57K-$76K
Manufacturing in a high volume facility reporting to an accounting manager or controller. Experience with closing and data manipulation.


 This position is responsible for construction & maintenance of accruate standard cost of inventory; montitoring daily inventory transactions, and reconciliation of all  inventory balanace sheet accounts. The ability to prepare relevant production performance reports to drive improvements in the manufacturing process is key to the value of the cost analyst position. This position also serves as back up to the  Jr Accounting Associate and the Accounting Manager. As such it is necessary to be familiar with all related facility accounting issues and income statement closing. This position also supports the budget process and organizes the annual physical inventory.

Essential Functions
•    Daily monitoring of Raw, Packaging, WIP & Finished Goods to recognize and correct posting errors. This is accomplished through running summary  reports and downloading detail information. Ensuring the accuracy of the Fulton facilities financial records while providing timely updates on inventory balances.
•    Daily monitoring of scrap, VGP & absorption as key indicators of production efficiency and performance. This is accomplished through running summary reports and downloading detail information. By monitoring this data, insight is gained on departmental efficiencies & performance while also providing financial data to estimate profitability over the course of the month
•    Monitor & calculate standard costs for new items. Required costs are rolled up in the BPCS standard cost system. Every item we manufacture or store requires a standard cost to properly value them for revenue and inventory.
•    Complete weekly plant report summarizing weekly manufacturing variance. Data is summarized on an Excel spreadsheet. Report is required as part of weekly data submitted to local management providing financial update on plant manufacturing performance.
•    Assist Accounting Manager with the monthly closing of the financial records for the Fulton facility.  This is accomplished by analyzing detail account information and closing manufacturing variance / cost of sales account balances. Closing the accounting records is required to meet corporate reporting requirements and consolidate company-wide financial data.
•    Assist Accounting Manager in the annual preparation of the Fulton Operating Budget. By preparing an accurate budget, the corporate office and the plant can effectively predict monthly, quarterly and annual plant profitability while monitoring trends influencing performance.
•    Oversee & process the results of the facility annual physical inventory and for any outside warehouses.  Counts are taken on all materials in the facilities and compared to the BPCS inventory levels with the difference being corrected. The annual physical inventory is required to meet corporate reporting guidelines for reconciling any discrepancies that may exist between actual counts and the perpetual inventory system.
•    The most typical problem is identifying erroneous transactions and working with the originator of the entry to correct it.  The most complex problem that I face is probably related to computer system failures.  If a program does not complete its run cycle and a partial posting occurs, it is necessary recreate the effect of the missing transactions.
•    The short-range challenge faced is to effectively work with department managers to provide them with timely financial information so they run their business in the most efficient manner.
•    The long-range challenge that lies ahead is to stay current with changing technologies/systems and to use these skills in dealing with operational issues as they arise.

Job Qualifications: A degree is mandatory
•    A 4-year accounting degree with experience in cost accounting in a manufacturing environment.
•    Several years of familiarity in the preparation and analysis of a manufacturing operating budget.
•    Several years’ experience in inventory control and analyzing inventory results.
•    Intermediate skill level in Excel.
•    Master’s degree in accounting or business administration.
•    Actual preparation of a departmental budget using knowledge of headcount, supplies & travel related costs.
•    Factory training inventory control employees in a manufacturing setting.
•    Additional expertise in other software such as Access or PowerPoint.

•    Office environment

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