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VP of Quality Assurance Fullerton, California
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Job Summary

The Vice President of Quality Assurance will oversee the all activities of the Quality Assurance Department and Laboratory.  Provide management technical support to all departments pertaining to matter of safety and quality.  The Vice President of Quality Assurance will interact with the Quality Assurance Department Supervisor and Technicians to provide leadership and guidance achieve a wholesome product to the customer.  

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Provide leadership and guidance to achieve the objectives of the firm for a wholesome product.
  • Oversee all activities of the QA Department that are required by the QA Technicians and Supervisor and that policy/procedures are being adhered to.
  • Continually evaluate and strive for improvement in the system of QA, production and Operations.


  • Understand all policies and procedures
  • Evaluate cause and effect
  • Incorporate revisions to the process to achieve better efficiency
  • Revise to reflect current production environment


  • Proficient in HACCP principles and implementation.  Implement a program of training to employees, documentation review and verification.
  • Manage proper manpower needs to the department:  all QA activities are being performed with appropriate manpower.
  • Oversee the instructions for product coding procedures, verification and listings provided by the customers.
  • Provide technical support as the firm’s spokesperson in the matters of safety and quality.  Interact with the customers to provide needed information, problem solving and corrective actions, if required.
  • Oversee the process of formulation distribution to production on a daily basis.



  • Experienced in the accountability for maintaining, developing and implementing manufacturing standards, procedures and guideline to ensure the quality of our products.
  • Supervisory experience to oversee the activities of the Quality Assurance laboratory, technicians and provide technical support to management.


  • Ideal candidate will have a BS. Degree in Food Science, Microbiology, Biological Science or Chemistry with five years of food manufacturing experience at a supervisory position. 
  • Must be well versed in GMPs, HACCP, food safety, product formulation and micro/chemical knowledge.


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