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Consulting Biomechanics Engineer Torrance, California
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Need a hustler! This is a commission based opportunity where you'll have the ability to grow your own fiefdom!

There is the possibility of some remote work where you could be in the office 4 days a month or week a month – it is really going to depend on the individual and how badly the company wants to hire them.

There is also a possible guaranteed base which would depend on the candidate. It could be something as simple as a $250k salary for the first year or it could be a guaranteed base of 120 hours per month (paid at 45% of an approximate $350 rate per hour).

Company is seeking a Senior Biomechanics Engineer to join our forensic engineering firm located in Southern California (South bay). This role would be primarily based at the Torrance office with occasional travel to the Oceanside office. The ideal candidate will bring biomechanics expertise to our multi-disciplinary team and work with the team in evaluating accidents of various types, including addressing injury causation. Additionally, this candidate will have a hard-working mindset and desire to succeed.

Key aspects of the job include participating in accident investigation and reconstruction involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. The candidate will be responsible for project management as it relates to our client’s cases, with activities including planning, directing, and coordinating.  Projects will typically require fieldwork, investigation, analysis, report development, and legal testimony at deposition, trial, or other legal venues.


  • A Master’s degree in biomechanical engineering (required) with a Ph.D. and/or P.E. license highly preferred.  Candidates with a Master's Degree in Kinesiology are also strongly encouraged to apply.
  • A minimum of 15 years in biomechanical engineering or mechanical engineering.
  • Authoring of high-quality technical reports and/or peer-reviewed publications highly preferred.
  • Ability to deliver technical presentations at professional conferences and workshops highly preferred.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills required.
  • A background in forensic engineering and experience in the consulting industry highly preferred.
  • Cognitive problem-solving skills required.
  • Experience working in anatomy, teaching, or the automotive industry highly preferred.
  • Working knowledge of general PC applications and software required.
  • Strong experience with providing legal testimony at depositions, trials, and/or other legal venues highly desired.
  • Consulting experience highly desired.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Performing duties autonomously or in conjunction with other consultants to help ensure that project goals and objectives are completed in a cost-effective and timely manner as required by client agreements.  Our clients typically include law firms, manufacturers, insurance and auto rental companies, investigative and city agencies.
  • Performing human-injury analysis of vehicular accidents in varying transportation modes, including accident reconstruction, injury modeling, and the evaluation of mechanical failures.
  • Evaluating injury mechanisms in industrial and recreational accidents, including those resulting from mechanical failures and faulty protective equipment.
  • Interfacing directly with clients, assessing client needs, establishing performance timelines, developing budgets, and explaining complex technical concepts in lay terms.
  • Identifying and reviewing existing evidence (e.g., photographs, video, witness statements, depositions, police and autopsy reports, medical records, etc.) to develop preliminary conclusions and arrange further investigation as needed.
  • Conducting inspections of accident scenes and of involved or exemplar vehicles, safety equipment, and other items as needed.
  • Conducting and guiding original research to obtain and analyze relevant technical data.
  • Identifying and reviewing the relevance of scientific literature, existing test data, and governmental regulations as it pertains to client cases.
  • Designing models and conducting testing to obtain and evaluate impact dynamics data.
  • Conducting analyses of human motion and injury impact analyses.
  • Preparing written reports of findings and conclusions in clear, concise, easy-to-understand terms.
  • Providing legal testimony in a variety of venues, including courtroom settings.
  • Performing other duties as assigned.
  • Mentoring early-stage career employees in growth and development.
  • Continuing to seek out ways to develop professionally in skills, experience, and industry reputation.
  • Identifying opportunities for and conducting independent research (to be fully funded by CID). 

Work Environment & Physical Demands

  • While the candidate will be working in a standard office setting, they may occasionally be required to work outdoors, in variable weather, alongside operating machinery, and/or around or under damaged or exemplar equipment or vehicles. 
  • The candidate may be required as needed to perform work related to client cases outside of their regularly scheduled work hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
  • The candidate will need to be able to stand, walk, sit, climb, bend, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, talk, hear, and drive a motor vehicle to job sites. They may need to occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Clear vision and depth perception are also necessary.

We value the trust our clients’ place in us to perform the work we do and in return, deliver consulting services based on good science, attention to detail, and presenting truthful and realistic expectations.  Our consultancy work is not simply about win or lose.  We strive to help our clients focus on the bigger picture – understanding the nature of the events at issue in their case, and based on that, what options exist from there.  We provide insight and sound guidance to assist our clients in navigating these options and probable outcomes. Utilizing integrity as a guiding principle helps us to hold ourselves to a higher standard and in turn, exceed our client’s expectations. 

With our standing goals of exceeding client expectations, increasing expertise in new subject matters, and expanding into additional fields of service, we embody teamwork.  We share our knowledge and work together to support one another in our work and to deliver the best information to our clients.  We look out for one another and our commitments to each other are personal.  We are patient with one another and make ourselves available when our colleagues need help.

We strive to maintain the high standard for which we are known in the industry and to successfully do this, we continue to invest in our company, staff, technology, and research.  By making a conscious effort to prioritize investing in these areas, we can acquire and retain the best and the brightest our industry has to offer, ultimately ensuring our clients’ benefit from an unparalleled quality of work and industry expertise.

Our full-time employees enjoy a generous benefits package including competitive pay, company-sponsored medical (up to $7,500) and long-term disability insurance for employees, with the option to join our group dental and vision insurance at a discounted rate.  CID also offers a matching 401K, PTO, paid holidays, maternity & paternity leave, company-sponsored events, and a casual work environment that fosters work-life balance.


  • Consultant’s hourly billing rate range is $350 or higher based on experience.  Payment structure will be 45% of the first 160 hours billed, and 75% for any hours billed over the initial 160 hrs.  We anticipate the first year will see monthly hours coming in at around 140 hours per month, so anticipated 1st year gross monthly payment range begins at $22,050.
  • Candidate will be provided a monthly reimbursement for business phone related expenses or have the option to join the company plan.
  • Candidate will be allowed to write off their vehicle payment as a business expense.
  • Up to $10,000 relocation cost reimbursement for candidates who are relocating for the position.
  • It is very important that any potential candidates understand that this position is a consultant-based position meaning that earning potential is entirely up to the consultant and will depend on what clients they are able to bring in and/or maintain, establish, and/or develop from internal referrals.

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