Liquid Heat Project Manager

MAC Incorporated

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Liquid Heat Project Manager Tustin, California
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Travel and extended stays are required here to monitor this mobile Liquid heating treatment processing controls station.  West coast to east Coast.  2-4 weeks at a time.  

This position will be responsible for the following CONTINUOUS process:

  • Managing a PLC control liquid processing operation and controls
  • Monitor gauges and displays with Maximum Operating Temperature 360°C and Maximum Operating Pressure 3700 PSIG, Liquid flow rate, 1 liter per hour
  • Maintaining raw material levels to ensure process continuity
  • Managing finished product tanks
    • Managing water levels
    • Managing oil levels (when appropriate)
    • Managing Natural Gas volume (when appropriate)
  • Monitoring the process display (HMI)
  • Acknowledging system alarms and documenting
  • Contacting support personnel when necessary

Experience with Heat process, steam processing, oil/gas controls and liquid processing and monitoring experience desired.  

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