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Electrical Design Engineer Sacramento, California
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90-112K SALARY RANGE !!!

Position: Electrical Engineer                
Approved By:  Operations Director
Reports To:  Engineering Manager            

Responsible for developing and improving electrical project plans and designs to meet company objectives. Diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical problems in the production process. Make detailed electrical concept, design, schematic and specification of medium voltage to low voltage power distribution system, control panel, wiring, and network system following NEC codes. Communicate with vendor and contractor for purchasing. Supervise contractor for equipment installation and construction. Provide training and instruction of electrical system and specify preventive maintenance schedule.

Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering plus at least five years’ experience in relevant areas.

(Primary accountability for specific functions and results)

1.    Analyze the needs from production operation from an electrical engineering viewpoint. Develop electrical design and system to improve production efficiency, operation procedure, safety of operation.  Develop detailed engineering plans and budget plan to meet company objectives and project objectives.

2.    Make electrical concept, design, drawing, diagram, specification, and list of power distribution system from upstream, 12.5 kV medium voltage power feeds to downstream, 480 V or 240V power feeds to motors, fans, and VFDs, or 24V control power feeds, Transformer, Switchgear, Switchboard, Electrical control panel, VFD panel, SCR Panel, Motor control center, UPS, Fan, Motor, Encoder, following NEC codes and OSHA requirement and meeting MCCFC’s safety, quality and production standards.

3.    Design Single line diagram, Load schedule, Electrical Installation Layout, Panel board detail, Electrical panel detail, Electrical control schematics, Power distribution schematics, Cable/Conduit layout, I/O wiring schematics, Interconnection diagram, Network diagram, Automated control logic diagram.

4.    Diagnose, troubleshoot, test, and repair electrical parts, equipment, system in conjunction with other engineering personnel, contractors and vendors.

5.    Communicate with vendor to determine specification of parts and equipment according to design and have quote of those and make requisition for purchasing and control lead time and delivery schedule to meet project target.

6.    Supervise outside contractors and vendors at construction and installation of new equipment and prepare SOP and preventive maintenance schedule after change of electrical system or new equipment installation.

7.    Provide training to employees and skill block personnel as required by management.

8.    Exhibit exemplary conduct at all times in dealing with other MCCFC employees, and any outside contractors.  Contribute to a healthy, positive, and safe environment.  Promote self as a team member.

9.    May be assigned, and be expected to perform to acceptable standards, any other relevant related duties as required by management.

To perform at a proficient level and to be fully qualified, a person would be expected to have:

Education:    Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Discipline, Electrical Engineering preferred.

Experience:    Minimum of five years’ experience in industrial engineering environment.  

Specialized knowledge/skills/abilities for performance of job:

Ability to interact effectively with internal and external customers.  Ability to negotiate.  Excellent written and verbal skills.  Ability to operate office equipment to include computer software, fax, etc.  Proficient in current AutoCAD systems.  Knowledge of industrial maintenance procedures. Knowledge of electrical standards, NEC, NFPA, and UL.  Knowledge of OSHA, EPA, and other government regulations. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and respond to urgent repairs.


Dimensions:    Numerical dimensions that describe responsibility level:
    Annual Sales Volume:        —
    Annual Operating Budget:        —
    Annual Production Goal:        —
    Annual Payroll:            —
    Annual Profit Goal:        —

Travel required in this position:        No

Authority that can be exercised in this position:
    Hiring and Firing:        —
    Limit of Expenditures:        —
    Changing of subordinates’ salaries:    —
    Changing operating practices:    Yes
    Changing subordinate job assignments:    No
    Setting operating policies:        Yes

Supervision of Others:
(  )  No
(X)  Yes.  If yes, number of people supervised.    Supervisor outside contractors.

Amount of Manual Dexterity Needed (Describe):
    Simple:        and why:    
    Average: X    and why:    Must have hands on mechanical and electrical skills.
    Above Average:   and why:
    Superior:               and why:



How complicated is the job:
    Fairly Complicated:
    Complex:    X

Seriousness and Consequences of Error:
(  ) Slight
(  ) Somewhat serious
(X) Serious
(  ) Extremely serious

Explain:        Responsible for critical equipment with safety and financial implications.

Supervision Required                                            
(X) Slight                     
(  ) Moderate
(  ) Good Deal


Confidential Nature of Job (Check one in each column)
(  ) Non-Confidential Material      (  ) Rarely
(X) Confidential Material              (  ) Occasionally
(  ) Highly Confidential                (  ) Routinely

Explain:        Access to key new technology and development plans.

Unusual Working conditions:
(  ) No
(X) Yes   

Explain:  May experience extremes of temperature, working in lifts (overhead), working in confined spaces, and use of respirators/fresh air masks.  Exposed frequently to moving mechanical parts, occasionally to fumes or airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals, and risk of electrical shock, and loud noise.
Must be able to work flexible hours including overtime, weekends (on call) and holidays.
Physical Requirements:  Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, stand for long periods of time, and climb stairs.

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