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Machine Operator Sacramento, California
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Job Description: Machine Operator

Company is looking for machine operators to work either day or night shifts. The shifts start at 6am and go to 6pm or start at 6pm and work till 6am. They work three 12 hour shifts then have three days off. That schedule keeps rotating. The starting pay is $19.57 during training which lasts 6-8 weeks. Then pay goes to $21.07/hr. Night shift makes a .50 shift differential.

The manufacturing Basic skill level is designed to be a description of entry-level skills a new employee to the manufacturing area must learn to become a manufacturing machine operator.

The machine operator candidate must master these skills in addition to Smooth Molding Level I skills to become a full-time machine operator.

Machine operation includes but it is not limited to startup/shutdown of the molding machine, producing quality product, completing quality checks, and identifying machine operational issues, seeking appropriate personnel for resolution, and perform basic troubleshooting and maintenance.

It is the responsibility of the employee, through his/her own initiative, to master the skills of this level and continue the learning process to receive subsequent level promotions.

Employee must:

Demonstrate understanding of Plant/Department safe practices.
Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to follow established emergency procedures within the department.
Demonstrate the ability to recognize safety hazards.
Demonstrate an understanding of The Huhtamaki Sacramento Plant operations and business objectives.
Demonstrate the ability to safely use a variety of hand tools and simple hand held power tools.
Demonstrate the ability to assist on all product changes on C-machines.
Demonstrate the ability to perform as part of a team.
Demonstrate the ability to safely operate the Company van.

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