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Maintenance Technicians Charlotte, North Carolina
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Company has 180 employees, 3 bottling production lines, and 2 canning production lines. They operate 3 production shifts year round, 5-7 days per week. Candidates must be able to work OT, weekends and holidays. The pay range is comprised of three level assessments (see below)

They work 6 days a week and the day off is a rotating day, Monday – Saturday and will be off some Sundays and will sometimes have an off day during the week, the off day will be on a rotational basis, it’s their intention to cut back to 5 days a week once they've gotten more technicians but things are very busy right now and they’re understaffed. They’ve been in business in 1991 and they’ve never not had a bonus, never not had a cost of living increase, have never suspended the match on the 401k. Since the Affordable Care Act has come into effect though, the spouse isn’t covered although the kids are for the medical plan, but the weekly employee contributory cost is low (employee + children) is $53 a week for high deductible $1500 per year, and $63 a week with a $30 co-payment, a non tobacco user gets a $14/week discount on their plan. Dental insurance for employee and children is $10 a week.

High speed packaging is really preferred. 

Maintenance Technician Level C   $20 – $25/hr
Developing troubleshooting skills, electrical protective devices (overloads), use multimeters, 3 phase systems knowledge, motor controls (VFD) fundamentals, single phase motors, conduit
Develop troubleshooting skills, knowledge of all changeovers, PM completion &thoroughness, Stick welding principles, basic Tig welding practices, metal cutting fundamentals, blow molding operation, advanced packers, rinsers, conveyors, case packer/Hi Cones, and box machines.                                              
Basic hydraulics knowledge, palletizer troubleshooting, basic pneumatics knowledge
Intermediate Coder knowledge, Filtec knowledge, introduction to Process Control

Maintenance Technician Level B   $25 – $30/hr  
Advanced motor controls, electrical troubleshooting, AC electrical controls and troubleshooting, advanced frequency drives.
Intermediate Tig welding, Ammonia refrigeration basics, machine shop basics, air compressor maintenance, blow molder basic mechanical knowledge, blow mold support equipment operations, support equipment operation, metal fabrication, advanced water treatment, milling machine operation, basic lathe operation, advanced wrappers      Hydraulics/Pneumatics  
Hydraulic and pneumatic troubleshooting, advanced palletizers, advanced de-palletizers, lube systems, electro-mechanical fluid power
Advanced process control, foundation of measurement instrumentation, process measurement (temp – pressure), burner controls (heaters/boilers), advanced coder knowledge, advanced Filtecs, current to pressure transducers, temperature measurement/controllers, level measurement, temperature measurement, analytical instrumentation.                                                                                                                          Maintenance Technician Level A  $30 – $35/hr
VFD diagnostics and programming or very strong troubleshooting, DC motor control knowledge, advanced knowledge of power supplies, solid state DC drives, advanced blenders
Equipment installation, maintenance of mechanical drives & shaft seals, advanced filler, cappers, and seamers, advanced machine shop experience, advanced sheet metal fabrication exp, advanced sanitary Tig welding skills, advanced refrigeration, advanced labeler exp, advanced blow molder knowledge.
Pneumatic instrumentation, knowledge of fluid dynamics,
Programmable logic controls, demonstrated PLC mastery, advanced conveyance control knowledge.                                    

They have at least 4 positions currently available (two on 2nd shift, 2 pm – 10:30 pm) and two on 3rd shift, 10 pm – 6:30 am). 

There is a potential $728 bonus per quarter based on perfect attendances (no unexcused absences, makes up about $260 of the $728), adherence to PPE policies is about $65 of the $728, team criteria at 80% or above/labor has to be above certain levels and makes up the rest of the $728. The bonus is paid 4-5 weeks after a quarter ends and is paid as a separate check. 

Primary Responsibilities:
In accordance with established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and company safety and recycling guidelines, perform the following job related tasks:
Troubleshoot and repair mechanical and electrical devices on production lines and support equipment in a timely manner.
Rebuild pumps and related equipment
Train and assist all line personnel and line supervisors.
Complete all daily preventive maintenance procedures
Perform visual inspection on all line equipment and support equipment
Communicate operating information and concerns to personnel on other shifts and in other departments.
Participate in team meetings to evaluate and investigate process improvement opportunities which may impact team performance.
Perform other tasks identified by the team or immediate supervisor to ensure that the team’s goals are achieved.

Complete the following paperwork quickly and accurately:
Work Orders
Parts Usage Report
Parts Order Form
Downtime Reports

Required Skills
Strong team communication and problem solving skills
Basic math and writing skills
Mechanical aptitude
Attention to detail and the ability to work without direct supervision
Strong analytical and decision making skills
Ability to operate, troubleshoot, and repair all production line equipment and support equipment – Air and Ammonia compressors, Chillers, Water Softeners and Boilers

Ability to read and interpret the following:
Hydraulic prints
Pneumatic diagrams
Electrical ladder diagrams
Logic diagrams
Technical Manuals
Voltmeters, Ohmmeters and other electrical troubleshooting equipment
Demonstrate working knowledge of the following:
Installation and wiring of all types of motors
Inspection of bearings, drives, gearboxes, chains, sprockets, and other conveyor parts
Inspection of belts, pulleys and other drive items
Machine controls and circuits
Electrical controls and circuits (photo eyes, motor starters, limit switches, push button switches, fuses, level controls, vacuum switches, contact points, etc.)
Programming, editing and installation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
Troubleshooting techniques for Ammonia refrigeration equipment
Current to pressure transmitters
Signal converters and related components
Shop equipment (mills, lathes, band saws, grinders, welders, etc.)

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