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PM shift Waste Water Tech Salt Lake City, Utah
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4 pm – 4:30 am
$31/hr – $33/hr pay range
Work schedule is four 12-hour shifts. Rotating schedules; Sunday to Wednesday for 3 months and then switch to Thursday – Sunday for 3 months. Shift rotates quarterly. On-call may be required.

Waste Water Technician

Observes all Federal, State and County regulations.

Performs administrative tasks, such as, work orders, inventory, etc.

Conducts preventive maintenance on treatment plant, including all mechanical and electrical components of waste water system.

Creates, reviews, analyzes and submits spreadsheets, graphing, and monthly operating and regulatory reports.

Reviews, creates, and updates Standard Operating Procedures for operating and maintenance procedures of treatment plant.

Performs and reviews results of laboratory testing, sample types, and collection methods for compliance with established standards and guidelines.

Contributes to the development of performance measurements.

Conducts sampling duties in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Conducts a variety of process tests.

Monitors sludge levels in process tanks, and Manholes. Cleans service area equipment such as Daf

Tank, Screens, Pumps, Piping, WW facility Areas, and Etc.

Assists with mechanical preventative and corrective maintenance of process equipment, valves, and

structures at treatment plants, Pumps, Screens, Tanks, and Etc.

Conducts instrumentation and electrical corrective preventative maintenance.

Conducts general housekeeping, buildings and ground maintenance at treatment plants, pump or booster stations.

Performs related duties as required.

Performs the full range of Water and Wastewater Technician duties.

Operates, maintains, trouble shoots, adjusts and repairs treatment plants and sewage pumping or booster station systems by observing operation of all equipment and controls.

Operates process control systems at treatment plants and pump or booster stations by observing process control computers and controllers.

Conducts laboratory and process control sample testing
Collects, preserves, analyzes, and records all samples.

Monitors, interprets, records and analyzes pump and process equipment performance data; tests all valves and monitors for proper operation.

Tests, troubleshoots and responds to all alarms at plant and pumping or booster stations and verifies all systems are operational.

Coordinates maintenance tasks with Facility Maintenance for status of repairs and scheduling of work.

Conducts minor repairs to equipment and structures at treatment plants and pumping or booster stations.

Conducts preventative maintenance on equipment at plants and pump or booster stations in accordance with established schedule.

Conducts minor repairs and preventative mechanical, electrical and instrumentation maintenance on service area equipment.

Evaluates plant performance from calculations, laboratory data, operational reports, trends, and field surveys.

Changes set points for chemical feed systems as required to maintain correct levels in process.

Conducts on the job training and formal classroom training.

Participates in short and long term planning.


Knowledge of the operation of computer hardware and software.

Knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation components and associated process equipment.

Knowledge of laboratory techniques, sample handling and preservation and treatment analysis in accordance with standard methods.

Skill in the use of testing equipment used to perform routine mechanical, electrical and instrumentation preventative maintenance.

Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

Ability to read and understand schematics, blueprints, symbols, charts and graphs.

Ability to identify and take corrective action on process upsets.

Ability to clean and calibrate probes used in process control.

Ability to identify all confined spaces.

Performs other duties as assigned.

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