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Lead Maintenance Mechanic Chatsworth, California
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Looking for a Lead Maintenance Mechanic with Tube Filler experience on 2nd shift in Chatsworth CA must have TUBE Filler EXP. Pay is 35-38 per hour on 2nd shift only apply if you have TUBE Filler cosmetic exp


POSITON TITLE: Lead Mechanic     

DEPARTMENT: Maintenance    
TITLE OF IMMEDIATE MANAGER/SUPERVISOR:  Maintenance Manager /Production Area Managers     
    1.    Position Description (Brief Summary of Position): Assist shift mechanics on trouble shooting setups. Work with shift mechanics on identifying and documenting line maintenance issues. Setup filling equipment based on production priorities.      
    2.    Essential Function (Key job responsibilities for which the position is held accountable):
            (Summary functions only, involving at least 10% of time.)
1. Following the setup instructions performs and provides directions in the dismantling and re-assembly of the filling equipment.              30 %
2. Maintain and do adjustments on labelers tape machines, glue machines, coders, filling lines.          20%
3. Assist / train journeyman mechanics on trouble shooting production-filling equipment.        20 %
4.  Document incorrect setup instructions and filling equipment issues and provides follow up to ensure resolution.                 20%
5. Support production lines by building piping and pumps from tank to production lines, assist in cleaning and sanitizing of parts needed for tank and line building.  Cleaning and sanitizing filling high speed filling lines in accordance with company GMP’s.        10 %

    3.    Nonessential Functions: (These are job responsibilities that may occur on 
        occasional basis, but are not essential to performing the job.)    % of Time
        1. Facility cleaning    5%
        2. Other duties as assigned.    5%
        3.     %
4.    Machinery/tools/office equipment which must be used in order to perform the essential functions of the job (please be specific): Wrenches, allen, wrenches, socket wrenches, compression wrenches, screw drivers.

    5.    Special physical requirements for performing the essential functions of the job     (e.g. must lift
        50-lbs onto waist high shelves): Must be able to lift at least 50lbs waist high.
    6.    Preferred Experience: Liquid 
        Minimum Acceptable:    
    7.    Preferred Education: 12th grade or GED

        Minimum Acceptable:    
    8.    Preferred Skills:     
    9.    Required Degrees, Certifications, Licensee, or other Professional Credentials: Valid California drivers license.
    10.    Supervisory Responsibilities:    

    11.    Scope Data:  (Please provide quantitative data, where appropriate, to define the scope of job
    responsibilities.  Examples of scope data include sales volumes, production volumes, purchase
    payable/receivables volumes, inventory values, property/equipment values, etc, for which this position is responsible.

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