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Compounder II Chatsworth, California
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Compunders Needed is Chatsworth CA must come out of cosmetics 2nd & 3rd shift available 23-27HR depending on how well you interview!!!

2nd Shift: 3:30PM-12midnight $.50 Shift Differential
3rd Shift: 10PM-6:30AM $1.00 Shift Differential
May be needed 4 hours before or after shift: O/T Paid
Some Saturday work
Sunday's optional


Positions Title:    Compounder II     

Department:    Compounding       

Title Of Immediate Manager/Supervisor:   Compounding Manager
1.    Position Description (Brief Summary of Position):
The Compounder II will ensure quality and quantity of products by operating machines that blend chemicals to specified standards as per instruction on the batch sheet, make adjustments to batch as directed by QC Lab, and perform transactions on ERP System.
    2.    Essential Function (Key job responsibilities for which the position is held accountable):
            (Summary functions only, involving at least 10% of time.)    
    % Time
1.    Manufactures product batches according to formula procedures trained in all compounding areas and capable of manufacturing 80% of products without supervision. With authorization, properly adjust mixer speeds to accommodate differences in processing equipment.     70
2.    Operates all processing in all compounding areas with expertise. Demonstrates good mechanical ability and troubleshooting skills. Recognizes safety hazards and repair needs and alert management accordingly.    15%
3.    Perform duties in compliance with company safety rules, SOP’s and GMP’s.      5%
4.    Clean and sanitizes equipment, transfer batches and weighs batches.     10%
    3.    Nonessential Functions: (These are job responsibilities that may occur on 
        occasional basis, but are not essential to performing the job.)    % of Time
a.        %
b.        %
1.    Machinery/tools/office equipment which must be used in order to perform the essential functions of the job (please be specific):
             Tanks , valves, mixers, pumps, homogenizers, scales, flow meters, heat-exchangers, chillers, pressure hoses, drum tools, process controls and instruments, Prism MRP    

 5.    Special physical requirements for performing the essential functions of the job     (e.g. must lift
        50-lbs onto waist high shelves):
a.    Must be able to lift 50lbs bags onto shoulder high shelves. Must be able to move 200lbs drums on and off pallets.    
5.    Preferred Experience:  
Minimum of 2 years in liquid blending experience. 

  Minimum Acceptable:
    7.    Preferred Education:  Minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent. 

        Minimum Acceptable:  Some college    
    8.    Preferred Skills:  Good math and English language reading skills.  
    9.    Required Degrees, Certifications, Licensee, or other Professional Credentials:
    10.    Supervisory Responsibilities:    Total Direct Reports    Total Direct/Indirect Reports    
    11.    Scope Data:  (Please provide quantitative data, where appropriate, to define the scope of job
    responsibilities.  Examples of scope data include sales volumes, production volumes, purchase
    payable/receivables volumes, inventory values, property/equipment values, etc, for which 
    this position is responsible.
Product Value per batch can exceed $50,000. 


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