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Electrical Maintenance Technician Adams, Massachusetts
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We need both 1st (6 am – 2:30 pm) and 2nd shift (2 pm – 10:30 pm) for each role.

Pay will be approximately $27/hr – $35/hr depending on skills.

Job Summary

The Electrical Maintenance Technician, under limited supervision, performs varied maintenance duties necessary to insure continuous operation of the production facilities.  Must be skilled in multi-trades to handle emergencies and perform routine maintenance work.  Skills may include electrical work, instrumentation repair, pneumatic, mechanical work, etc.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Reads and interprets equipment manuals, work orders, equipment drawings/blueprints, building drawings, and electrical/instrumentation schematics to perform required maintenance and service.
  2. Identifies required parts from equipment drawings.
  3. Inspects, diagnoses, and troubleshoots plant and mobile equipment/system problems.
  4. Performs advanced electrical/instrumentation skills and basic mechanical skills including, but not limited to, process control, computer automation systems analysis, electrical control, conduit bending, welding, cutting, repairing power transmission equipment, pneumatics, rigging, and troubleshooting and repairing plant equipment/systems as needed.
  5. Performs preventive maintenance inspections and performs or recommends repairs. 
  6. Develops and follows standard work for preventive maintenance programs and recommends spare parts requirements and suggested inventory levels.
  7. Provides scheduled and emergency/unscheduled repairs of plant and mobile equipment/systems.
  8. Communicates with others internal and external to the organization to obtain/provide information regarding equipment/system issues as needed.
  9. Leads major repair projects to be completed by maintenance team, ensuring successful completion.
  10. May be required to fill in for Maintenance Supervisor during vacations or absences.
  11. Utilizes established company computer systems to find MRO inventory items, historical information, issue inventory parts, and complete time card entries.
  12. Records pertinent labor information from work shift.
  13. Assumes a leadership role by promoting a positive work environment/attitude. 

Other Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Trains others in job duties/skills.
  2. Performs other duties as assigned.
  3. Works safely and maintains the safety of coworkers.


1.   Actively participates in the implementation of sustainable improvement processes, such as 5S, Kaizen, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Daily Management Control, Standard Work and Problem Solving.


The requirements listed in the sections that follow are representative of the knowledge, skills and/or abilities required to perform the duties of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions (primary duties) of the job.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:  Knowledge of the English language, National Electric Code (Master Electricians License), electrical skills, industrial equipment/systems, and basic mechanical skills are required.  Working knowledge of computer systems and PLC programming skills are required. 

While performing the duties of this job, an employee is typically required to have the ability to exert physical strength throughout the work shift as needed, coordinate movements, use repetitive motions, have the ability to operate mobile equipment, regularly stand, walk, bend, squat, climb, reach, crouch, kneel, lift, twist, push and pull throughout a work shift, work in confined spaces, have manual and finger dexterity, select and use appropriate equipment/tools to accomplish job duties, read, write, listen, speak and understand English, follow all instructions and other oral/written information, visually inspect equipment/work area, complete paperwork and other documentation accurately, identify, analyze, troubleshoot and solve equipment/work area issues using mechanical/electrical knowledge and skills, react quickly as needed, use judgment to determine when additional resources are needed to address issues, communicate effectively with others, record labor distribution information from the work shift in writing and/or on a personal computer, be aware of oneself in relation to surrounding equipment, work independently and as a team with others, and use, monitor and adjust equipment and related processes. Ability to instruct/transfer job information/knowledge to others and infrequently lift up to 50 pounds is preferred.

Must be able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair electrical/instrumentation/computer automation systems effectively, read wiring schematics/diagrams, run conduit and wire to new and existing systems, and remove and install electric drive components while leading a crew.  Must have the ability to acquire and use electrical and mechanical skill/knowledge such as welding, use of pipe threading machines, bandsaw, drill press, hydraulic press, and hand tools.

Being under general supervision, the employee is expected to be self-directed, take initiative and be persistent when appropriate to accomplish necessary duties and complete required work without prompting from the supervisor.  Additionally, the employee is expected to be adaptable/flexible to changing work assignments, perform multiple tasks at once, have a high level of integrity, dependability and self control to maintain composure, learn and memorize procedures, prioritize work, manage time effectively and efficiently, meet established deadlines, display a cooperative attitude, read, understand and follow all company, job specific and safety policies/procedures, and attend/use all required training.

Education:  Incumbent should possess a thorough knowledge of electrical/instrumentation trades and formal, specialized training beyond four years of high school.

Licensing:  Master Electrical License is preferred but not required and valid Driver’s License.

Experience:  At least five years experience in an industrial environment with equipment including, but not limited to, freight and bucket elevators, conveyor belts, vibratory feeders, diverter valves, drives, gear reducers, bearings, shafts, air compressors, rotary air locks, vacuum pumps, hydraulic drives, mobile equipment such as pickup trucks, forklifts, and commercial motor vehicles such as dump trucks and loaders, is required.

Work Hours:  Must have ability to work the shift/number of hours in which duties need to be accomplished, including overtime, holidays and weekends, as necessary.  Call-ins may occur as needed.

Working Conditions:  While performing the duties of this job, an employee is typically exposed to dust, loud noise, high places, confined spaces, very low and/or bright light, and outside weather conditions.   Primarily works alone but may work as part of a team working in close proximity to others and works in close proximity with equipment and electricity.

Safety Equipment:  Safety equipment typically required while performing the duties of this job includes a personal lockout/tagout lock, ANSI approved hardhat and safety glasses with side shields, safety shoes/boots with steel toe protection.  Additional safety equipment is available for use if a situation arises where it becomes required depending on the assignment or if it is simply desired by the employee.

Safety Training:  A new employee hired to perform the duties of this position is to be provided New Employee Training by a qualified individual, which consists of eight hours of classroom training and 16 hours of on the job training.  It will include, but is not limited to, the following: forklift/mobile equipment operation and certification/licensing, hazard communication, hearing conservation, respiratory protection, electrical safety, lock out/tag out, personal protective equipment, blood borne pathogens, fire fighting/extinguishers, machine safety, confined spaces, reporting of hazardous conditions, accidents, injuries, near-miss and property damage incidents, evacuation/emergency procedures, first aid, back injury prevention, and job/work area procedures. 

Upon transferring to perform the duties of this position for the first time an employee is to be provided New Task Training by a qualified individual until the employee adequately understands the contents of the training, which include job/work area procedures and related topics.  Additionally, an employee must be provided further training if a job duty/task has changes that will affect the health and safety aspects of that employee’s position.

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