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Maintenance Planner San Leandro, California
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Maintenance Planner
Scope of Responsibilities
The following list of duties is not all inclusive and is meant to serve as a guide for the scope of work to be carried out by the Maintenance Planner in the key maintenance areas of:

Preventive Maintenance

Review current equipment PMs for validity, accuracy and clarity and modify as needed.
Add new PMs based on equipment performance and breakdown reflections.
Add PMs for new equipment based on supplier recommendations and maintenance team feedback.
Plan and coordinate vendor and supplier done PMs and calibrations.
Prepare PM kit with all necessary materials, information, tools, drawings, vendor manuals, supplemental instruction materials, special procedures and allocate proper labor prior to scheduling and executing as effectively as possible.
Plan and coordinate quarterly, semiannual and annual PMs (What, When, Who)
Actively participate in scheduling meetings with operation partners to finalize PM timing, optimize downtime windows and necessary lead times.
Work Orders

Issue scheduled work orders to supervisors.
Identify and secure all parts and materials required to complete the work.
Determine and coordinate vendor delivered services for the work order.
Estimate, document and track required hours on work order tasks, total work order duration and skills required to perform the tasks.
Follow up with supervisors and leads to ensure that completed work orders are turned in with improvement comments in a timely fashion.
Communicate with contractor resources directly monitor the performance expectations of the work order.
Optimize productivity by managing work two weeks to one month in advance.
Manage backlogged work orders which require a major or significant portion of the facility to be shut down. This requires working across the organization with a cross functional team to bring together the technical knowledge, the Production team, the Engineering team and the Scheduling team.
Equipment Spare Parts

Set up new equipment spare parts based on vendor recommendations and maintenance team feedback.
Establish and maintain equipment parts catalog, equipment history, storeroom, min/max inventory levels.
Coordinate obsolete spare part replacement.
Work with store room and maintenance personnel to assemble kits containing required parts to perform overhauls, repairs and work order tasks.
Equipment OEE Improvements

Improve equipment cycle times at least to name plate values.
Reduce equipment created scrap levels.
Work with Continuous Improvement teams to reduce equipment changeover times through parallel work, pull ahead work and motion loss.
Reduce short stops thru team training, tool and material availability and reduced maintenance response time.
Improve equipment uptime thru breakdown reflections and analysis.
Maintain technical library (blueprints, technical documents, service manuals, etc.).
Equipment Rebuilds & Overhauls

Work with equipment vendors to understand frequency of rebuilds based on equipment hours of operation.  Include actual performance reflections.
Coordinate rebuild timing, parts required and vendor/contractor support.
Use plant mapping to track and plan rebuilds and repairs.
Plan and coordinate plant shutdown activities to achieve rebuild frequency requirements.
Lead the post shutdown critique and reflections.
Follow up and communicate schedules to all resources: maintenance, production, quality, outside services, stores and engineering.
Communicate activities and status clearly and effectively with floor personnel, vendors, OEM suppliers and management personnel.
Make recovery plans when schedule slips.
Maintenance Personnel Training

Develop and deliver training in subject matter expertise.
Employment Type
Our Company/Job Summary
The role is responsible for the efficient and effective use of planning and scheduling resources to conduct maintenance activities which result in minimum downtime and maximum productivity.  In order to fulfill these responsibilities in the most effective manner, the Planner is responsible for managing work priority, developing job plans, defining parts and material, determining crafts and skills and engage the proper resources to develop a safe, effective and efficient work control plan.  In addition, the Planner provides the equipment-related expertise and technical guidance for improving Preventive Maintenance (PM) activities. This position, by ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures, is responsible for recommending, implementing and managing safety, quality and food safety on all production lines.

Specific Knowledge & Skills
Electromechanical background is required.
Understanding of proper lockout & tagout of equipment.
Adequate craft knowledge and skill to accurately estimate labor hours, material requirements and skill needed to complete a job. 
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Demonstrated organizational and planning skills.
Demonstrated ability to write and provide simple and accurate instructions.
Demonstrated ability to read schematics, blueprints, machine, and process drawings.
Knowledge and understanding of the maintenance processes.
Experience with the Advanced Maintenance Management System desirable.
Self-directed – able to work towards specific goals and objectives with limited oversight.
Education and Work Experience

·       AAS Electromechanical or equivalent work experience.

·       At least 5 years of experience in manufacturing equipment repair.

·       Prior food or pharmaceutical experience desired.

·       2 years as a planner desired.

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