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Maintenance Manager Dunkirk, New York
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Position: Maintenance Manager                                                                 


Job Requirements:

  • An in-depth understanding of all process’s within the plant production environment. This would be a daily requirement so that the correct decisions would be made in the best interest of the production operation
  • An understanding of the basic mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and PLC basics. This would be needed to assist the mechanics in the execution of their day to day performance and to offer improvement/training to enhance the skill sets.
  • An understanding of the CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management System, system so that the day to day department business is executed at a high level of proficiency. Effectively plan and organize from daily tasks to yearly rebuilds. Be able to plan 12 to 24 months out.
  • Ability to multi task at a high level.  Able to track daily issues and monitor monthly, quarterly and annual tasks.
  • Ability to identify training needs for team and implement a plan.
  • Have an understanding of SQF, responsibility for Food Safety /Food Quality and the responsibility to take action when notified or becomes aware of any Food Safety or Food Quality issue.
  • Food Manufacturing – Beverage a plus!
  • Degreed Professional
  • Capital Project experience

Job Duties:

  • Evaluation of all functions within the person’s responsibilities to include the work order system, preventative maintenance system, planning process and parts room operation.
  • Meet with each respective area to understand the process.
  • Evaluate each area to determine current state and status.
  • Develop improvement plans where necessary.
  • Attend daily operation meetings to get a better insight of processes as well as taking time each day to actually watch the process as production is being run.
  • Review equipment to understand the current status. Meet with plant mgr to determine priority.
  • Meet with parts coordinator to discuss vendor list and contacts. Meet with vendors to develop relationships and review any contracts.
  • Communicate expectations via meetings, one on ones, trainings, etc.
  • Monitor performance, QPRs, one on ones, etc.
  • Coach and mentor when possible.
  • Understand the equipment and support systems (ie, water plan, ammonia system, etc.). Review the state of the equipment; rebuild schedule, and vendor support.
  • Review the work order and preventative maintenance systems. For effectiveness of programs. Also ensure that the preventative system supports plant.

Other Responsibilities:

  • This person would be involved with the day to day managing of the PM program, machine repairs and overhauls. 
  • Capital projects would entire work with Corporate Engineers, plant controller and vendors as necessary for the project.
  • This person would be supervising/managing up to 13 individual mechanics across three shifts on a 7 day operation, a maintenance supervisor, a maintenance coordinator and a parts clerk.
  • Interface with everyone within the facility from the Plant Manager, department managers, supervisors to the line employees.


  • Execution of Capital Projects on time and on budget.
  • Execution of the PM program and work order system per company guidelines.
  • Managing of the maintenance R&M budget by line item.


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