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The Maintenance Leader/Planner is responsible for ensuring that the tradesmen properly execute the assigned maintenance tasks and that materials and time utilized are also properly reported. The Leader/Planner is responsible with supporting the execution of maintenance work by estimating, planning and scheduling all the mechanical and electrical work for each shift. This involves ensuring the coordinated availability of facilities/equipment to be worked on, parts materials, special tools/equipment and manpower/skills required to achieve orderly, timely and efficient work execution. The planner is also responsible for all OE initiatives in the maintenance department. The Maintenance Leader/Planner is particularly responsible for the tasks noted below to ensure successful work execution, along with other duties as assigned to meet business needs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Receives work orders from department managers and plant personnel and carries out the following planning activities:

A. Prioritizes work based on alignment with site goals reducing reactive work;

B. Orders materials, tools, etc. that were not covered on the work order;

C. Advises any tradesmen being reassigned of where and when they are scheduled to report;

D. Ensures that all PM work orders are scheduled per established frequency; Works with the

Maintenance group to make improvements to the PM program.

E. Develops maintenance schedules for all shifts;

F. Maintains accountability of tools and shop equipment.


Employee Relations/Performance Management/Training & Development/Workforce Utilization

  1. Analyzes equipment problems to determine the optimum repair or rebuild technique to minimize costs and ensure a quality result. Recommends whether to do jobs in-house or use contractors.
  2. Trains maintenance personnel in various skills necessary to perform their jobs.
  3. Acts as primary employee relations contact, and resolves personnel problems and complaints, where possible, referring others to higher supervision.
  4. Orients and trains new personnel in departmental policy and safety procedures.
  5. Establishes personal contact with workforce to insure high employee morale and cooperation.
  6. Evaluates subordinates' work performance and gives feedback regarding all strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Makes every good faith effort to achieve Department EEO objectives and ensure that personnel practices are fair and consistent with Governmental regulations.
  8. Studies equipment functions and recommends spare parts inventory requirements.
  9. Oversees the implementation of the TPM program.
  10. Performs various clerical duties such as writing purchase requisitions and work orders; contacting vendors and approving timecards.
  11. Establishes employee goals in line with plant/department objectives and enters into Performance Management system
  12. Completes employee annual and mid-year performance evaluations in Performance Management system and delivers one-on one performance reviews with department personnel.
  13. Assists in the development of individual plans for performance improvements.
  14. Instructs tradesmen on what is to be done, methods to be used, and reviews safety requirements, pointing out any potential hazards that may exist.
  15. Checks to ensure that the facility to be worked on is available and the proper number of tradesmen are assigned to each job.
  16. Determines and arranges for materials that turn up short or were not anticipated in the planning and estimating process.
  17. Obtains information and decisions about unanticipated developments in time to prevent delays.
  18. Stays in close contact with the progress of jobs and eliminates any bottlenecks.
  19. Checks job completion and determines that all required work is done.
  20. Sees that surplus material and scrap are disposed of properly and any special tools and equipment are returned.
  21. Sees that the shop or job site is clean and left in good order by the tradesmen.
  22. Verifies that tradesmen enter their time in company established computer systems, along with detailed comments.
  23. Ensures follow up work orders are created.
  24. Verifies materials used have been signed out and ensures that excess material is properly returned to Stores/Inventory.
  25. Closes out work orders in established company computer systems.
  26. Maintains the backlog of planned work orders and monitors the status of purchase requisitions to ensure that the work order is available to schedule as soon as all requirements are met.
  27. Controls the close out of all maintenance work orders ensuring that all charges are properly assigned and the accuracy of the maintenance records are maintained.
  28. Coordinate training and tracking of pay for skills tasks for all maintenance employees. This could include bringing in trainers and sending employees off site for training.

Safety & Health

1. Maintains company safety standards and reports all unsafe conditions to management and EHS for prompt corrective action.
2. Reports all accidents promptly and continually indoctrinates employees with safety principles and practices.


  1. Teaches MRO concepts, capital vs expense, and why it is important to keep costs low to maintenance personnel.
  2. Recommends materials for MRO addition / deletion

Continuous Improvement/Lean

Acts as resource and champion for department continuous improvement activities (Suggestion Program, 5S, Kaizen, TPM, training, problem solving, etc.).

  1. Manages individual employee involvement in continuous improvement activities to ensure equal opportunities are available for all department members to participate and contribute.

Principal Working Relationships:

1. Works closely with Department Managers and Team Leads in the delegation of operating responsibilities.

2. Works with Production Department personnel to ensure proper preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out appropriately.

3. Works with Human Resources in the effective handling of employee relations issues.

4. Works with Safety Coordinator in updating indices, analyzing trends, etc., to improve department safety and ensure MSHA compliance.


The requirements listed in the sections that follow are representative of the knowledge, skills and/or abilities required to perform the duties of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions (primary duties) of the job.

Incumbent must have a minimum of a two-year technical degree plus seven years of Maintenance Leadership experience or ten years’ experience as a Maintenance Leader. Must have the ability to communicate effectively, to motivate others and to promote a positive work atmosphere. The incumbent must be a self-starter who can work effectively with a minimum of supervision. Must have the ability to work effectively with all levels of employees within the company. Incumbent must have demonstrated a willingness to challenge conventional ideas, be flexible, innovative and be able to function effectively in a team format. A working knowledge of basic computer systems, including Windows and Microsoft Office is required.

While performing the duties of this job, an employee is typically required to have the ability to exert physical strength, coordinate movements, use repetitive motions, have the ability to operate mobile equipment, regularly stand, walk, bend, squat, climb, reach, crouch, kneel, lift, twist, push and pull throughout a work shift, work in confined spaces, have manual dexterity, lift materials weighing up to and including 50 pounds, select and use appropriate equipment/tools to accomplish job duties, read, write, listen, speak and understand English, follow all instructions and other oral/written information, visually inspect equipment/work area, complete paperwork and other documentation accurately, identify, analyze, troubleshoot and solve issues using judgement and knowledge/abilities, react quickly as needed, be organized and detail oriented, be able to identify/judge the urgency of a situation, use judgement in decision making, communicate effectively with others, be aware of oneself in relation to surrounding equipment, work independently and as a team with others. Ability to instruct/transfer job information/knowledge to others is required. Ability to lift between 50 and 100 pounds is preferred.

There is exposure to plant production areas, which may include exposure to outside weather conditions as well as loud noise from equipment and dust from production processes. Exposure to plant areas requires the use of appropriate safety equipment. Personal protective equipment is available for employee use in these circumstances.

The employee is expected to be self-directed, take initiative and be persistent when appropriate to accomplish necessary duties and keep busy without prompting. Additionally, the employee is expected to be adaptable/flexible to changing work assignments, have a high level of integrity, dependability and self-control to maintain composure, perform multiple tasks at once, learn and memorize procedures, manage time effectively, meet established deadlines, display a cooperative attitude, motivate and lead others, read, understand and follow all company, job specific and safety policies/procedures, and attend/use all required training. Ability to travel is preferred.

Safety Training: A new employee hired to perform the duties of this position is to be provided New Employee Training from a qualified individual, which consists of classroom training and may include a tour of plant area(s). Additional refresher safety training will be required as management deems appropriate and/or as dictated by MSHA regulations.

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