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Automation Technician Lee’s Summit, Missouri
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MUST have plastics experience and be able to work the 12 hour night shift (7 pm to 7 am (7 pm – 11 pm .50/hr shift differential and 11 pm to 7 am $1/hr shift differential). One week will be 36 hours and the next week is 48 hours with 8 hours OT built in and so on.

Automation Technician

Summary of Job Functions
Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, the Automation Technician is responsible for trouble shooting and repairing various IML Robots, Take out robots, plastic container, and lid stacking equipment. The primary job function is to troubleshoot and set up robots and auxiliary equipment, also to respond to machines that require repair (blow by adjustments) or require improved performance. This person will also perform Preventative Maintenance or work on projects when time permits, as directed by the Maintenance Manager.

Responsibilities & Duties
Monitor and Ensure Health & Safety / HACCP & SQF / 5S Compliance
Proactively identify and suggest ways to eliminate hazards.
Correct conditions, follow health & safety policies.
Participate in Safety Investigations when required.
Provide Safety training when required.
Knowledge and compliance of lock out procedures
Performs Set-Up of various Plastic containers and lid parts handling equipment
Setting up robots and associated equipment for production run
Load programs as necessary and make adjustment for blow by and adjust the floor
Repair Parts Handling Equipment As Required
Adjusts inline section, belt space and speed tension of belts and services mechanized pulleys
Calculates and setup the angle, space and speed differences for spin bars.
Adjust photo eye sensors to send signals to PLC
Adjusts pneumatic solenoids valves, and air regulators for required pressure
Makes guards with Lexan and mounts them
Maintains stacking machines safety switches on guards as per Ontario regulations
Maintains sealer equipment for each machine
Adjusts counter, cutting and separation time and PLC controlled magnetic switches on cylinder to move in and out
Levels stacking machines with take-out conveyors when they are brought closer to molding station
Balances equipment to eliminate vibration
Replaces and aligns vibrator feeder tray and ensures container is properly oriented
Sets up unscramble discs to separate parts to go on conveyors
Sets up spin bars for space and stack size
Adjusts operational sequences for PLC’s and cams
Fine tunes stacking machines
Replaces orientating heads
Perform Preventative Maintenance on Parts Handling Equipment
Removes and replaces main drive motors and adjustable sheaves
Performs vertical, horizontal and angular alignments and adjusts belt tension
Lubricates/replaces chain sprockets
Repairs silent chains and checks on daily basis unusual noise vibrations
Checks gear reducers on conveyors and stackers for oil levels as per schedule
Cleans and replaces filters on vacuum motor, vanes and hoses
Performs preventative maintains work (replaces/tracks vacuum belts, replaces damaged bearings, splices and glues conveyor belts, removes and replaces broken alligator links and clipper laces)
Perform Basic Set-Up of Robots:
Sets up robots and aligns them with mold after mold set-up is completed
Replaces high speed receiver cups and suction cup plates
Perform Repairs on Robots
Identifies and corrects vacuum default, servo default, transfer vacuum default, tower vacuum default, eye default, robot not out default, proximity switches, cycle not complete and rail eye default
Replaces MRS cylinders, three position four way and five way valves and photo eye sensors when damaged or defective
Stack counters, timers, vacuum settings, alignment teach modes are done by touch screen display
Troubleshoot faults on robots, blow by adjustments
Glues and repairs damage high speed retrieval system carbon arms
Replaces steel cable spools when broken and adjusts tension weekly
Adjusts vision system parameters.
Re-alignment of Dummies
Check static cables
Troubleshoot and replace sensor bricks.
Greases Thompson liner bearings and replaces suction and receiver cups
Cleans all vacuum blower hoses and checks oil less vacuum motor filters
Assist in Regular Housekeeping Duties
Cleans, organizes parts etc.
Cleans machinery and auxiliary equipment after electrical service
Maintains shop in a clean and orderly manner
Assists the Various Departments As Required When Available
Assists production personnel in locating and correcting non-electrical related problems
Assists other maintenance departments during peak loads

College Certificate/Diploma in Robotics / Automation
3-5 years Automation experience in the Injection / Plastic industry preferred

Skills & Knowledge
Knowledge of operating drill press, lathe, milling machine and grinder 4.2
Fluent in English with good verbal and written communications skills.

Working Conditions
Works indoors on company premises which are subjected to high levels of noise. Premises are air conditioned.
Works in teams and individually
Works in close proximity to other maintenance groups
Must wear protective equipment when required. Protective equipment will be provided by the company

Left as much as 50 pounds several times a day, prolonged standing, walking, crouching, kneeling, crawling, bending. Repetitive neck, wrist, arm, shoulder movements. Repetitive gripping, grasping, pushing, pulling. 

Health & Safety Responsibilities
All team members must abide by the following rules:
Team Members must take responsibility for their own personal health and safety. General duties include:
Following rules related to health and safety that are specific to the workplace as provided by Senior Management
Promoting health and safety within the workplace
Reporting any potential problems or unsafe situations to Supervisors and/or Senior Management
A worker shall,
Work in compliance with the OHSA and regulations
Use or wear any equipment, protective devices or clothing that the worker’s employer requires to be used or worn
Report to his or her employer or supervisor the absence of or defect in any equipment or protective device of which the worker is aware and which may endanger himself, herself or another worker
Report to his or her employer or supervisor any contravention of the OHSA or the regulations or existence of any hazards of which he or she knows
No worker shall,
Remove or make ineffective any protective device required by the regulations or by his or her employer, without providing an adequate temporary protective device and when the need for removing or making ineffective the protective device has ceased, the protective device shall be replaced immediately
Use or operate any equipment, machine, device or thing or work in a manner that may endanger himself, herself or any other worker
Engage in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct
A worker is not required to participate in a prescribed medical surveillance program unless the worker consents to do so.

Food Safety & Quality and Food Defense Responsibilities  
All Team Members must abide by the following rules:
To ensure the appropriate environment for the manufacture of food safe and quality products, Team Members are responsible for following all company procedures and standards, including but not limited to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Manual.
In the case of a hazard or any food safety or quality related issue, Team Members will take any necessary action immediately to assure the production of food safe and quality products. This includes stopping work and reporting any potentially hazardous product handling practices and/or any potentially hazardous conditions to their Supervisor immediately.
Any suspicious activity, including tampering and other malicious, criminal or terrorist-like actions, both threats and actual events, must be reported to the Team Member’s immediate Supervisor or any Supervisor in a timely manner.

Other important requirements
Must have own tools:

Must have own tools and be able to use hand tools, meters etc.
Safety and Housekeeping are every Team Member’s responsibility

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