Junior Maintenance Mechanic

MAC Incorporated

Junior Maintenance Mechanic Irvine, California
Job Ref:

JR Mechanic

Job Overview:
The Maintenance Helper is responsible for implementing the Factory’s Preventative and Corrective Maintenance programs. Conduct troubleshooting, repair, and modifications to all of the factory production, equipment and systems. Comply with scheduled maintenance activities on a priority basis to minimize equipment downtime and maximize efficiencies.
Responsibilities & Duties:
•    Installs, maintains, dissembles, refits, repairs and/or rebuilds mechanical equipment and/or machines, under supervision, to ensure production goals are met. 
•    Under supervision, performs semi-specialized tasks in the maintenance of the general plant and/or office building in the skill areas of plumbing, carpentry, painting, cement applications, door repairs (personnel and industrial), maintains building lighting, rooftop ventilation units, fire sprinkler piping repairs, building electrical, and utilities
•    Conducts tests of installed/repaired equipment/machinery and makes final adjustments, under supervision, to ensure safe and proper operation.
•    Conducts routine inspections of walls, floors, ceilings, insulations, piping, roof, parking lot, waste water system, etc.
•    Performs minor electrical maintenance to include but not be limited to replacement or repair of fixtures (e.g. wall switches and outlets, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and tubes, ballast, sockets, fuses, minor appliances, cords, etc.) using appropriate hand, power and specialty tools.
•    Replaces or updates inoperable or old building materials and appliances (e.g. motors, belts, pumps, window glass, sinks, doors, smoke alarms, cabinets, shelves, tile, light fixtures, filter systems, patios etc.) to provide a safe, comfortable working environment for employees using various tools and materials (e.g. welding equipment, ladders, power saws, hammers, drills, etc.).
•    Interprets work orders, concepts, and directs the operation, repair and preventive maintenance function for all assigned electrical and mechanical equipment.
•    Carries out simple and complex instructions to diagnose hidden defects on assigned equipment and makes appropriate corrections under the pressure of production requirements.
•    Identifies all parts and supplies necessary to support assigned areas and shifts and ensures timely delivery of parts and supplies to meet production deadlines.
•    Notifies appropriate supervision of any electrical and/or mechanical issues that arise.
•    Learns new and existing equipment and systems.

•    Reporting/Recordkeeping
•    Ensures daily, weekly, and monthly records systems to support preventive maintenance and work orders systems are properly updated and maintained.
•    Updates Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in support of Preventive & Corrective Maintenance.

•    Education level: 
•    High school graduate or equivalent.
•    Converse comfortably in English and/or Spanish.
•    Basic computer skills.
•    Experience:
•    One year experience troubleshooting and resolving maintenance problems and/or issues.
•    Three years work experience in a bilingual food manufacturing operation preferred.

•    Work Attributes or Skills: 
•    Treats others with dignity and respect.
•    Demonstrates flexibility and openness to change.
•    Actively cooperates and encourages cooperation from others.
•    Maintains a calm and controlled demeanor, especially in stressful situations.
•    Responds resourcefully to change and ambiguity.
•    Demonstrates commitment to self improvement.
•    Complies with laws and the company’s ethical principles.
•    Focuses time and energy on established priorities.
•    Makes decisions under conditions of uncertainty.
•    Takes action and reliably delivers on commitments.
•    Allocates time efficiently to meet production goals.
•    Effectively balances multiple demands and competing priorities.
•    Builds quality into every dimension of work.
•    Is accessible and supportive of others.
•    Demonstrates awareness of customer needs.
•    Strives to achieve quality standards in all work.
•    Applies best practices as he/she learns them.
•    Is on time at the beginning of work and adheres to breaks and lunch schedules.
•    Is thoroughly prepared at the beginning of work.
•    Is productive throughout the entire work day or shift.
•    Strives to improve his/her job knowledge and job skills.
•    Helps others, when help is needed.
•    Is a positive team member who supports the company and its initiatives.
•     Actively participates in meetings.
•    Maintains a positive attitude and builds positive relationships throughout the plant.
•    Establishes and maintains positive relationships with vendors and others providing service to the plant.
•    Is accurate and attentive to detail.
•    Requires minimal supervision.
•    Able to multi-task as needed.
•    Good communicator.
Physical abilities: 
Incumbents may stand and walk for prolonged periods over the course of 7.5 hours.  Positions noted as “Heavy” may be required to repetitive lift and carry heavy equipment, tools, machinery, etc. in excess of 50 pounds.  Routinely work with arms extended in front of the body, usually more than 15” for sustained periods of time.  Use considerable force to push/pull heavy carts.  Reach, grasp, and perform fine finger manipulation activities (i.e., adjust, calibrate, and operate equipment); Climb ladder and work on elevated platform; routinely bend and twist neck; routinely bend at knees and waist repetitively; requires good vision.

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